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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New Jersey

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  by jsx
Happy New Year Everyone

could someone tell me when the tracks through Ridgewood station went from 4 to the present 3? Which track was removed/how was it reconfigured? There was also a coal trestle just west of the Station, anyone know when those tracks were removed? I'm working on a track map of that area so any other details about Ridgewoods Jct would be helpful. I also notice from an old map that theres a siding on the north side of the tracks right at the junction. Anyone know what was served there? Thanks

I don't know eactly when the 4th track was removed, but those extra sidings were for fright trains in Erie days (and maybe EL, too) to drop off cars destined for local points on the main line....The EB freights would set out here, and continue to Croxton on the BErgen County line.

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  by timz
FWIW, the 9/84 timetable shows four tracks Ridgewood Jct to SF.

  by Lackawanna484
Coming up the Bergen County Line, the siding just east of the Ridgewood Tower (RJ?) served an old lumberyard just east of the tower. It was set up as a pull in, then push back past the switch into the yard. Maybe three car lengths

Just west of the station, on the westbound joint track was the switch for the Ridgewood News(paper). The next switch west was called the "city switch" and may have been a team track. It was very short, maybe two cars

On the eastbound side, on the Main Line cutaway, was a very short siding. I don't know who used it. It might have been a slot to hold engines