• Rainy Evening on the Lehigh Line

  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New Jersey
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New Jersey

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  by njt5140
In hopes of catching the circus move(no, I'm not talking about rush hour on the NE Corridor) I managed through the rain at Roselle Park.

1. 3:55 Q156 1)CSX 4752 2)CSX 4701 - 18 Cars
2. 5:34 Q409 1)CSX 8747 2)CSX 808(Dark Futures) - 109
3. 5:44 Q301 1)NS 9135 2)CSX 8113 - 91
4. 6:03 18N 1)NS 9689 2)NS 2871 - 48
5. 6:15 32A 1)NS 2618 2)NS 9643 - 26
6. 7:52 H80(CP167) 1)SOO 6050 2)CP 6011 3)CP 5765 - 38
H80 was stopped just east of Townley thanks to NJT 5447(7:00 into RP) reporting a door in the middle of the train hanging open with stuff falling out.
7. 8:06 P*** 1)CSX 7390 2)CSX 7859 - 62
RBBB Circus move, didn't get the symbol
8. 8:16 21R 1)NS 7136 2)NS 7102 3)NS 7120 - 32
9. 8:32 K276-09 1)CSX 5009 2)CSX 5900 - 93
10. 8:39 K276-10 1)CSX 681 2)CSX 8176 3)FURX 3026 - 47

Enjoy all!
  by OCtrainguy
I was also out in the rain awaiting for the circus train. While I did not see the train, I did see the Q156, the 18N, 32A and the Q409, in that order (thanks for the train info). I was hoping for the circus train when Q409 was stopped for a signal and Q301 was stopped behind the Q409 and there was a yellow signal for the next westbound. But shortly after six, and no sign of the train, I called it a day. Earlier in the day, I saw 33K (ex-43A), a NS power move 2 UP engines, 1 NS D9-44CW and 2 PRR C8-40s and then 18G. On my day off, I was hoping the weather would be nicer.

  by Mudvalve
Well, I missed the circus move. Try to catch it in the area at CP-potters, but to no avail. Anyone get pictures of it?