• Radio Frequencies for Hearne, Bryan, Navasota, Palestine SD'

  • Discussion about the Union Pacific operations past and present. Official site can be found here: UPRR.COM.
Discussion about the Union Pacific operations past and present. Official site can be found here: UPRR.COM.

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  by BEDT 14
Greetings all,

Need a little clarity here.

Can anyone confirm that the Union Pacific Houston Service Unit - Hearne Subdivision is operating on AAR 74/74 (161.220)?

The reason I ask, is RadioReference shows AAR 20/20 - 160.410 for the Hearne Sub, BUT
I and my girlfriend (who lives in TX - I'm in NY and I visit frequently) have been listening to transmissions between trains & dispatcher and MOW on the Hearne Sub, but on what RadioReference lists as Palestine Sub frequency!

I just heard (through the phone as I talked to her) a dispatcher give a Track Warrant for a train at CPQ 077 (which is Hearne Sub), but the frequency it was heard on was 161.220 (AAR 74/74) and of which that frequency is listed on RadioReference as the Palestine Sub!

Usually, RadioReference is pretty up to date on this stuff, which is what has me confused.

What's making matters worse is an old ETT (2001 - I know, it's an old ETT...) that I have shows AAR 42/42 - 160.740 for Hearne SD and a Railfan website (last updated in 2005) has AAR 48/48 - 160.830.

It will be months before I'm back down there to actually stand trackside and confirm the freqs, so I was hoping, someone could confirm modern channel/frequency usage for the following subdivisions:
  • Hearne
Thanks in advance to all those that can help,

  by Backshophoss
This is off my Scanner's UP bank;
UP Road 1 160.4100
UP Road 2 160.4700
UP Road 3 160.5150
UP Road 4 160.7400
UP Road 5 160.6800
UP Road 6 160.9800
UP Road (7) 161.5500 (ex-SP road 1)
UP Road (8) 160.3200(ex-SP road 2)
UP Road (9) 161.4300(ex-SP road 4)
UP Road (10) 161.2300 (ex-SP road in Ca.)
UP Road (11) 160.6650 (ex-SP road in Tx.)
UP Road (12) 161.3100 (ex-SP road in Ca.)
UP Road (13) 160.7850 (ex-SP road)
UP Road (14) 160.8750 (ex-SP road),
UP Road (15) 160.8000 (ex MP road)
UP Road (16) 160.7100 (ex-RI road)
The following are the "known" for the subdivisions:
Hearne, 160.8300
Palestine, 161.4600 to Overton,160.4100 beyond
Bryan, 160,8300
Most Of the DS's work at "Spring"(Houston) instead of Omaha
(From the Altamont Press Texas Region TT Dated 09/01/2002)
Would not be surprised if UP rearanged everything due to interference. :wink: