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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in Pennsylvania

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  by TheAngryBrakeman
I had heard there was an ad in last weekends Pottsville Republican so I checked the website and sure enough, the RN is looking for conductors again. I know we just hired one guy but I guess we have upcoming business(?) that we need more people...........

  by Lehigh Valley Railroad
Hmm, any engineer positions open? :D

You have to hire as a conductor first.

Now hiring 3-4 more conductor's. Get your applications in now! Office hours are 8:30am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday.

  by Tamping Pick
I don't think thaat $12.00 an hour(maybe more) , and all the personel milage on my car is'nt worth it.
But for a young guy, whos a fan and wants to know what the RDG/CNJ/LNE/LV had to contend to,knockin cars in a local scene would be great.

  by RDG Mallet
$12.00 an hour to START. Six months to get to another $2.00 an hour and then one full year for full rate.

Plus, if you would obtain a regular job, milage pay is available to eligable employees. Just wanted to get the facts straight. :wink:


  by Bill Kamps
some one told me that if you have previous experience they won't hire you, management wants people with no "bad habits" so they can teach them their way. any truth to this?

  by Whut
seems to be true, they want blank slates

  by rocketman
I would imagine it would depend on how much and what kind of experience.

  by Whut
They usually want people with no railroad experience what-so-ever. They hire people who know nothing about trains and have no idea what they are doing then fire them a couple of months later because they are not performing well.... go figure.....

  by steamboy
Update on the hiring. The official company web site states they are hiring conductor trainees. I submitted a resume immediately (in Sep 04) when I saw the notice. When I did some follow-up as to when they would close out the applications, the HR person told me that they were hiring 4 trainees until Nov 04.

My second follow-up had to do with some questions I had. I got an email from the HR person, stating that "due to an overwhelming response, they are limiting applications from PA residents only".

What a crock. The web site doesn't mention that at all. But, they say they are a "progressive company". If I was willing to relocate at my own expense if I got the job, that should say something about how serious I was.

It's a shame. It looks like a great Regional RR to work for, but this whole process left a sour taste in my mouth.

PS: I even said in my cover letter that I only wanted to work for a Regional or Shortline. That was a hint that I wouldn't take the experience from them and later go to a Class 1. Didn't matter.


  by TheAngryBrakeman
Yeah they don't want to hire an out-of-stater and have them get homesick. I believe that happened recently ;-)