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  by rrbluesman
I recently came into possession of PRR freight waybills c. 1900 in fair to good condition, I do not know a lot about them but I am looking for an idea if they have any monetary value and who/where to find out. They are from the DelMarVa (PB&W) division, Ive uploaded a few as examples. Thanks for any help!
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  by ExCon90
Since nobody has responded to this, maybe some answer is better than no answer. Those documents are not waybills; they are reports made by a station agent of cars handled at his station, and their status--particularly, when they remain on hand at the station, have they overstayed the free time provided by the tariff and is the shipper to be charged demurrage. They are of some historical interest but probably have little or no monetary value. Anything to do with freight traffic (tariffs, waybills, etc.) has traditionally been of no particular interest to railfans. An organization like the Pennsylvania Railroad Technical and Historical Society, the PW&B being a predecessor of the PRR, might be interested in adding those reports to its collection, but probably only as a donation.