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  by Bigt
I have seen photos of PRR EMD F units in the Brunswick green color. They have a gold pintripe running
the length of the locomotive. My question is this: behind the number boards, there is a short gold
stripe (if you will) that ends in a sharp point. Was this short stripe just for looks, or, did it signify
something special about the unit? Did this also appear on the Tuscan red units?

  by spookyac47
The "darts" that start at the number boards and taper back (some had sharp points, some had rounded points, depending on era) were part of the normal paint scheme for units that had side stripes. Once the side stripes disappeared, the "darts" also disappeared.
On some "F" units, there are stripes across the entry doors. These were put on the "F" units that were used in helper service and were geared differently(better suited for the heavy duty lugging and shoving)

Lower Arizona
  by ExCon90
As I recall, the "darts" were also applied to at least some GG1's.
  by Bigt
Thank you for the information. I had not heard of, nor seen, the nose door stripes...
will have to keep that in mind when modelling. Thanks again.
  by Bigt
Correction....meant to say stripes across the entry doors!