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  by mkouassi
Okay, so we all know that most of the PA-1-3s were scrapped somewhere in Ohio. The PA-3 733 is now on the flatbed ( if anyone saw it) and is now heading to ohio for scrapping. It was seen at the Harrison Yard.
  by mkouassi
168, and 146 are going to be scrapped.
  by mkouassi
PATH PA-1 648 is now out of service.
  by mainetrain
I saw (3) custom flatbeds Wed Oct 27th 2pm on Rt 80 West in Pa. around the Lock Haven area.

  by mkouassi
Very Good. BTW, what were the numbers of the cars ?
  by R36 Combine Coach
As of yesterday, 130 older PA1/PA2/PA3/PA4 cars have been scrapped. 217 PA5s are now on the property.

Older PA cars are being sent to Frontier Corp. in Ohio (which also scrapped Metro-North's M-1As, ACMUs and Comet I-As).
  by Head-end View
That flatbed photo above is the saddest sight this lifelong PATH fan has ever seen. Just as bad as seeing NYCTA's R-40's getting dumped into the ocean............... :(
  by mainetrain
sorry I did not get the numbers
  by RedbirdR33
I rode PATH today (June 14, 2011) and saw four trains of old cars. The consists were as follows;

33 - JSQ LCL -
1) 872-812-861-840-810-121-891

2) 856-120-801-888-858-808-862

3) 806-142-864-849-811-887-800

A fourth train was laid up on track 2 at 33 Street;


I guess that the PA-1A's are gone.

Larry, RedbirdR33