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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in Pennsylvania

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  by Richard M. Utter
You may have read the New York forum messages mentioning my effort to piece together the JPGs of old Geological Survey maps available from both the University of New Hampshire. The thread entitled "University of New Hampshire topo maps together again!" spells out the details.

Now that all 260+ New York maps are complete, I've moved on to Pennsylvania. In this case, the JPGs come from Maptech and are based on maps published anywhere from 1891 to 1948. At this point, about fifty complete maps, covering the northeast part of the state and the Horseshoe Curve area, are now available. I believe they include all the Pennsylvania mileage of the both the Lehigh Valley Railroad and the D L & W. If I'm wrong, let me know.

Tune in if you're after the maps. Note also that contains some text files that attempt to be informative or helpful. In particular, will be updated as progress is made on additional maps.

  by Andyt293
Great site, thanks for posting.

  by Richard M. Utter
The Pennsylvania map count is up to 105: see ... ogress.jpg . It suddenly occurred to me that I'm the only one who can tell at at glance how one map is situated with respect to another. So a truly cheesy web page
( ... pIndex.htm ) has been added. It ought to serve to let you know the names of the maps in a particular area.

After testing the fit of some of the JPGs, I kept one result, covering the PRR main line from Pittsburgh's east side to Johnstown and Summerhill. You're warned that the result is 14 megabytes: ... ghEast.jpg .

And just to be on the safe side--because I've concluded that some visiters don't realize that an FTP site acts more or less like a disk drive--here's the root directory: .

  by Richard M. Utter
192 Pennsylvania maps are now available. There are 44 remaining.

A rudimentary web page (we all have to start somewhere) now lives at . Click on the Pennsylvania map image to reveal a grid layout containing the names of each of the available maps. Click on a name to view the map JPG or right-click to download it.

All the FTP links mentioned in previous messages should still work. Or use the "FTP directories" link to go to the root "OldUSGS" directory. You need to do this if you're after anything other than the standard JPGs. For instance, there's now a colorful shaded relief map of the Horseshoe Curve area.