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  • Discussion of the L&HR and its predecessor the Warwick Valley Railroad for the period 1860-1976 at its inclusion with ConRail
Discussion of the L&HR and its predecessor the Warwick Valley Railroad for the period 1860-1976 at its inclusion with ConRail

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  by Railjourner
Drove by the Trinca Airport today which is in Green Twp near the Huntsville cutoff tunnel and was dissappointed to see that some heavy equiptment recently removed and apperently disposed of the two light signals that were there at the airport road/walkway crossing. One facing east and one directly across the tracks facing west. Sad to see them go they were in relatively good shape and I loved to see them there. Not too much left of L&H trackage, mile markers, signals etc.. Bummed :(

http://maps.google.com/maps?hl=en&ie=UT ... 9&t=h&z=15
  by NYS&W142Fan
I agree Railjourner. I have not been up in that area in a few years and it is sad to hear that they removed them, just one more loss of a once vibrant rail line. Does any one know why they were removed? I know a few years back it was proposed that they wanted to expand the airport to accept Corporate Jets and to also have access to passenger rail service. The neighbors in the Area put up quite a stink about it. I did hear several years back, just after 9-11 that it was proposed or being looked at, to re-open the L&HR line as a alternate way to get traffice into or around the NY metro area in case there was a Terrorist attack and shut down one of the few existing Rail lines. And it also could serve as a means of moving sensitive materials, e.g. chemicals, and such thereby avoiding highly populated areas. However, I have not heard anymore about it in a few years. Hopefully the signals were saved and not scrapped, but I doubt it.
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  by Paul Miller
HUNTSVILLE112606 002.1.jpg
  by Railjourner
Thanks for the pic Paul. When I first got near the airport I thought the bulldozers where there to flatten the hangers and remove the airport but they are making so called improvements. They appear to be increasing the vehicle parking and also laying down concrete for a new aircraft ramp area. Personally I wish they had left it as is, a nice quiet grass strip in the country. I used to fly J3's in there years ago.
  by David
Climbed one of those signals about four years ago--So sad to hear that they are gone. Did anyone check around the weeds to see if they were piled up in the area?
  by Paul Miller
This reminds me of when I first discovered the LHR. I noticed a pathway along Rt 46 in Pequest that looked like a nice path to hike and get my thoughts together. I started noticing all kinds of structures and figured it was an old railroad bed. I certainly became intrigued with what was left, and felt I must document it somehow. I literally knew nothing of the L.H.R. or much about trains, but was somehow drawn to the beauty and history of these interesting structures. My biggest fear was that they wouldn't be around for others to see, and my biggest hope was that they would preserve the ROW and structures. Each discovery of a mile marker, whistle post, or signal tower brought an excitement that's hard to describe. I think with each demolition comes a little sorrow that we're losing a piece of history, and a piece of the LHR. Those towers in Huntsville were still in very good condition when I was there last. I'm so glad I was able to capture what I did and when I did. Perhaps the airport has no clue what they were for or what significance they are to other people who enjoy this kind of stuff. I urge everyone to explore what's left, it really is amazing to see the remnants and imagine life on the railroad in 19th and 20th century.
  by NYS&W142Fan
I feel very fortunate to have been able to see the L&HR in actual operation. I wasn't smart enough to document it in photo's but I still have the photo's in my mind. At one time I had permisson from the head office to collect used ties from the RoW that I used to build retaining walls in my contractor days. I was even fortunate enough to have been the recipient of a L&HR cat's eye Cross Buck from the Airport road crossing. The MofW were replacing it because it had been damaged in a accident. Yes I agree that it is sad another piece of what was the L&HR is gone. I miss the sight of the Alcos through the Meadows.
  by tristate
Hello all
I need to start watching the posts more often. I had no idea the signals were in danger of being destroyed. I lived nearby as a kid. I just called the airport manager but he had no idea what happened to them. I'm sure they are long gone after 2 months but if anyone lives nearby and can confirm that they are gone and not still laying in a scrap yard let me know. I'd gladly contribute to rescue them. I'm sure there's a spot in Warwick for them.( or my back yard). Who owns the land the And. Jct signal is on? The state?
Denny Ayers
  by njmidland
Ownership of the right of way varies from Sparta to Belvidere. Some is own by towns, some is owned by non-profit groups (like the Nature Conservancy), some is owned by NJ Dept Parks and Forestry, some by NJ Dept Game & Wildlife, some by Warren County and a fair amount by private owners. I am aware of at least two other signal locations still intact. Both are well in from the nearest road crossing so I am pretty sure they are safe. There is at least a tentative plan for the right of way from Allamuchy to roughly Buttzville to become a trail. If that happens then both sets of signals will be safe - assuming we let the state know they are important when they "improve" the right of way for the trail.
  by Paul Miller
Got a chance to run out to Huntsville today. The signal towers are definitely gone. I looked around and didn't see a sign of them . No one was at airport to talk to. Would have been nice to see them preserved. :(
  by tristate
Thanks Paul. Nice landscaping job. Doesn't look like they did much except spiff up the appearance of the entrance. What a waste of history. Just for laughs I'm going to call the local scrap yards later but I'm pretty sure they came down a la bulldozer so they're probably destroyed. I can't seem to find an emoticon that truly expresses my feelings so I'll leave it up to your imagination.
  by Paul Miller
They did remove the building in front of the hanger seen in my picture above. I guess we should try and find out who did the excavation work. There were some old railroad ties piled up beyond the hangar but no sign of the towers. I walked both ways a bit as well. the R.O.W. is very overgrown here.
  by tristate
I talked to the airport manager who is a twp employee on Sat. I expected to get his voicemail on an office phone but it must be a cell. I caught him in the middle of a meal so I didn't take up too much time asking who did the work. If you want to call him his # is 973-615-5760 John tremper. I identified myself as a member of the vets assoc. for credibility.
Forgive me for my naivite, but, since clubs like ARHS have wide scopes and limited resources, why isn't there something to keep the remnants of L&HR safe. I don't propose yet another association like an LHRTHS in Warwick, but something to stave off the rigors of time and the disinterest of non-railfans, all in the name of progress. Some "ring of theives" as a sublevel of one of the clubs.
Imagine a politician or some such as he says: "Gee Whiz, they knocked down Pennsylvania Station and we lost all that history and now we have to build it all over again; Who knew????"