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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New England

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  by MEC407
Maine Eastern and Operation Lifesaver hosted a special train recently. Newspaper article in The Times Record:


Edit, 08-28-2007: the newspaper took the article off their web site, hence the above link no longer works. Sorry.
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  by Reeds Pass
764 with plow clears the rails in Woolwich, Maine on Saturday March 3rd.

email me if you'd like a photo, as I can not post photos from here... :P [/img]

  by mainetrain
Here are the photos courtesy of Reeds Pass. I cannot open the link on the first post



  by MEC407

  by MEC407
ROCKLAND (Aug 9): At the August Board of Directors meeting of the Penobscot Bay Regional Chamber of Commerce, the board voted unanimously to oppose the proposed City of Rockland ordinance regulating diesel emissions from train engines. The proposed ordinance would create fines for the railroad if diesel fume emissions exceeded a certain prescribed level of acceptability. Board members were concerned in particular that the ordinance could destroy passenger service between Rockland and Brunswick and as an unintended consequence affect railroad cement deliveries from the Dragon plant in Thomaston to the barge wharf in Rockland. Enforceability of the ordinance has been called into question.
Read the full article at:

http://waldo.villagesoup.com/Government ... ryID=97855

  by MEC407
ROCKLAND (Aug 23): Maine Eastern Railroad has a new management team.

Gordon Fuller, executive vice president and chief operating officer, made the announcement this week that Gordon Page, director of passenger operations in Rockland, has been promoted to vice president, and a new employee, Dennis Mohn, has joined the company as general manager and vice president of operations.
Read the full article at:

http://knox.villagesoup.com/Business/st ... ryID=98549

  by MEC407
Train debate continues in Rockland:


  by CN9634
Perhaps all the people in Rockland should take a look at this...


  by MEC407
Yup, it would be great if they could read that and take it to heart. But they'd probably just respond with something along the lines with "Oh, we're not against the railroad... we just don't want the passenger trains to come to the passenger station! Anywhere else is fine." It just goes back to the Not In My Backyard attitude.

  by MEC407
"Railroad taking steps to reduce emissions." Story with video:


  by MEC407
ROCKLAND, Maine — Lab results from testing conducted in August by a residents’ group indicate that formaldehyde levels are elevated in the neighborhood around the local train station.
Read the full article at:

http://bangornews.com/news/t/midcoast.a ... zoneid=179

  by MEC407
ROCKLAND (Oct 11): A Maine Eastern Railroad worker killed July 8 in a plane crash in Massachusetts was remembered Oct. 5 by friends, colleagues and family members at the Rockland Engine House on Park Street.
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http://knox.villagesoup.com/Community/s ... yID=101376

  by kilroy
I would suggest that Rockland ban all diesel engines (including trucks) from the city limits as well as the use of home heating oil.

No need to worry about heating their homes, we have global warming for that. :-)

Seriously, I hope someone with some sense steps in and prevents the extremists from fouling everything up.