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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New England

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  by mwhite
FYI the State of Maine will begin a full exterior restoration of the Rockland depot starting next week. All of the windows and doors will be removed and refurbished etc. The goal is to restore it to as close to original as possible. The restaurant went out of business early this summer and the new operator will wait until after the restoration project is completed before opening. As for the 1000' walk I can't say what happened that particular day, but normally the train is spotted within half a car length of the bunter. Food service on the train should resume this week now that the dining car "Penobscot Bay" has arrived. Bath's depot is not operated or staffed by MERR, although tickets for the train are sold there.

BTW we get a big kick out seeing the Lionel train operating when going through "Reed's Pass"!
  by Cosmo
Ungh,... what is this "Reeds Pass" of which you speak?
  by mwhite
"Reed's Pass" is just east of Route 127 grade crossing in Woolwich. It is not an official location name on the railroad (per the timetable).
  by Cosmo
Aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh............. I see!
And how is it there's an "outside" LIONEL display there?
Or is it an inside display with a big enough window to allow viewing from the train?
  by Reeds Pass
There is a12' long table, about 3 feet off the ground wth hi grade nickel - silver rail, a timer and a consist of a 1952 Lionel # 2026,Hudson, a tender, BAR boxcar, several MEC boxcars, a few cheapies, and a caboose. The future plans ae for a village, operating gear, ect, hooked up to a sort of motion detector. The current problems are APPLES falling off the tree above, causing massive derailments and wrecks. The 4 foot long fiberglass tunnel provides weather protection for the engine.
Ocassionally I run expensive passenger cars, and deisel power. Magna traction is useless with the hi grade rails. I have several hundred dollars invested in this along, and am costantly concerned of vandalism..so far so good.

Reeds Pass: named after my Grandfather Myers E. Reed who worked for Maine Central RR as draw keeper / bridge tender. He was among the first to operate the draw on the Carlton Bridge. He died in 1955 of a brain tumor. His property was "cut thru" to make a pass to the PLEASANT BAY switch (where the rails went to the Ferry Terminal. This solid ledge in 1926-27 was drilled and blasted a massive undertaking, destroying many windows every day. The woden bridge above, is a USED bridge in 1927. Today it is rated by the state as the #1 WORST in the state. It will be replaced with 2 years so we hear.

We are a rail road family for sure, and if not down by the rails , or out on our front porch waving, we all in this neighborhood truly enjoy the blaring horns, bells and rail noises...BRING IT ON !!!

VERY pleased to hear about the Rockland station- a fall repeat trip will be in order. Sorry to hear Dan retired I enjoyed his company in the cab from Wiscasset to Brunswick !

Keep an eye trackside at Reeds Pass for Halloween and ThanksGiving and Christmas decorations..
Reeds Pass , Dennis :)
Member Maine 3 Railers Model RR Club
  by Cosmo
Awesome! I'll have to come see it! :-D
Look for reports in "Live Steam/Garden RR" forum of my own progress on my G guage Mtn Division!
One of these days I'll get up to ride the ME, but usually when I'm up that way it's for the WW&F.
I'll have to figure out how to combine the two sometime. :wink:
  by Reeds Pass
Freight went by this morning 8-20-08, around 7:45am heading to Brunswick with full cement cars.[maybe 10 of them] At 9:21am the passenger train went by to Brunswick. At 10:44am, return run of the passenger train and freight engine in the rear, return to Rockland round house.
I am experiencing weather related problems with my "e unit" on my 2026 engine, Imay take it apart, and bypass it completely.So far CRC 2-26 electrical grade contact cleaner has keep me running.
  by Cosmo
I've used the spray version of CRC.
Works, but it's expensive!
  by gokeefe
Now that the Maine Eastern Railroad is approaching its fifth year of operation it seems appropriate at this juncture,subject to consent of the Moderators, to provide a special place for discussions related to the "ME". Hopefully the next few years will see continued expansion and successful operation of the Railroad.
  by MEC407
Just in case anybody needs any background info, there is a lot of Maine Eastern discussion at the following thread:

http://www.railroad.net/forums/viewtopi ... 14&t=18484

But I agree that a thread in the New England forum is appropriate. Not that a thread in the Morristown & Erie forum is inappropriate... it could go either way, really. :-)
  by gokeefe
I'm going to go way out on a limb and say this is a sign that Maine Eastern is getting ready to start running a commuter operation, probably Rockland - Brunswick for now.

http://www.railroad.net/forums/viewtopi ... 14&t=55090

In any other context it just doesn't make any sense. They always match all of their cars.

[Edit] BTW, does anyone have a photo of the car referred to in the linked post?
  by Reeds Pass
September 22, 2008 10:30am,
Reed's Pass observation freight heading east to ROCKLAND of 6 cement cars ,empty and coach car # 748 painted in primer gray, hurriedly apparently, as it was a poorly done job. Is the car the one called "PINE" that was on loan to the movie being filmed? Inquirng minds wanna know !!!!!!!! :-D :-D :P
ps, still rumble of talk of a commuter train once Amtrak makes it from Portland to Brunswick.M&E even sent a combine car to Rockland for prep.
  by MEC407
Reeds Pass wrote:and coach car # 748 painted in primer gray, hurriedly apparently, as it was a poorly done job. Is the car the one called "PINE" that was on loan to the movie being filmed? Inquirng minds wanna know !!!!!!!! :-D :-D :P

Might have been this:

http://www.railroad.net/forums/viewtopi ... 14&t=55090

Not primer I don't think; just faded old gray paint from its days in NJT commuter service.

Definitely not the Pine, which has fluted stainless steel sides.
  by gokeefe
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