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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New England

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  by MEC407
If such a proposal does come forward, there will probably be some folks from Rockland who will say "Hey, why are we the only town on the line being asked to put up matching funds? The other towns on the line should put up some money too." And folks from those other towns are going to say "Hey, leave us out of it. We had no problem with the old locomotives!" :wink:

  by MEC407
More passengers this year than expected:

http://waldo.villagesoup.com/aande/stor ... yID=104217

  by mainetrain
Nice article.
Always pulling for ME.
Would love to take the train one day from NY to Rockland
  by caboose9

Does anyone know the origin of steel, wide vision cupola, ME 5 caboose?

Where is it currently located?

Thanks, Roger

  by RS115
Caboose is one of two ex-Soo Line acquired a few years back. One is now in Maine and the other is in Whippany with a museum logo on it so I assume it was either donated or is on long term loan.

  by psct29
New article on how Rockland is balking at the $21,000 they would have to chip in for ME to become "compliant" with their "odor ordinance"

http://mainecoastnow.com/articles/2008/ ... 726098.txt

  by mainetrain
I'm in agreement. The State should pay, not the taxpayers. The overall benefit of sales tax generated from future tourism should offset this, no?

  by CJPat
mainetrain wrote:I'm in agreement. The State should pay, not the taxpayers. The overall benefit of sales tax generated from future tourism should offset this, no?
In this case, isn't the "State" the Taxpayers? Although I am not a resident (and therefore my opinion won't carry any weight), it appears that if Rockland is mandating extensive emission standards above and beyond current established standards, then the Town should subsidize it. Shouldn't the people of Rockland subsidize a larger share than say someone living in Kittery who has nothing to do with Rockland's politics and therefore has no voice in the passing of that ordinance in the first place?

Is Rockland requiring all diesel vehicles to have stricter emmission standards than the State/Fed? Or is the result of prejudicial action of a selfish few against one entity?

  by mainetrain
[/quote]In this case, isn't the "State" the Taxpayers? [/quote]

I don't know, I "aint too smart" in those areas. Just seemed that someone other than the people should foot the bill.

  by MEC407
Well, the "state" has to get its money from somewhere... it doesn't just magically appear in the budget!

  by psct29
Yes, and Maine is already looking at a $200M shortfall in its budget. Of course this is the same state threating to take over PARs lines too. I'm still trying to figure out where the money would come for that, and to pay for the DE, new commuter rail, etc, etc, etc.
  by MEC407
Summer is here, and the Rockland NIMBYs are back in action:

Rockland: Railroad's 'stink' drives clean air effort
  by Tadman
I love this part:

"Schramm said it is very frustrating for neighbors of the railroad to live with the pollution from the diesel fumes."

Don't be a neighbor of the railroad. It's that simple.
  by Cosmo
I feel sorry for the neighbors.
It must be extremely frustrating to have to live so close to the noise polution caused by Schram's excessive whining!
(Can anyone local to Rockland tell us what kind of car she drives? I'm betting it's NOT a hybrid!)
I SERIOUSLY feel for the city council! Because of this blatant NIMBYism they're stuck between Gibraltair and Hades!
But then,... they went and got THEMSELVES elected,... didn't they? :wink:
  by Reeds Pass
Good Morning from Reed's Pass in Woolwich-trackside! It has been noted that the passenger cars do not seem to be as full as in the past years. I would guess folks need to choose between fuel or entertainment. On a lighter side , we rode from Brunswick to Rockland recently, and we were disappointed to see the Rockland station once again, falling into dis-repair :(
The trackside restuarant has closed, the paint is peeling, and to appease the friggin' NIBY's the train actually stops about 1000' from the station and you get to excercise your legs the last distance. The gift shop was staffed with 1 teenager that had no info , other than the paperback she had to read.I did get out after spending over $80.oo or so. The train ride was beautiful! The passenger station in Bath is beautiful, but similar to Rockland : EMPTY..not even snacks. The onboard gift shop on the train has been discontinued also. The staff on the train were VERY GOOD, VERY friendly and knowledgable !
TRIVIA! : The passenger car "PINE" was not in the consist! It is in Conn., in a movie being shot there.

The LIONEL powered and operational,MODEL railroad alongside the tracks at Reed's Pass operates daily and hopefully entertains a few passengers.

REED'S PASS will have a big suprise for riders in the near future,we're working on it now, so far we've invested just under $1,000.oo on it .......stay tuned!