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  by timberley
Thanks to all of those respondents on this thread who pointed out how to know which equipment is running.

As a result, I've managed to book my trip home and back to Ontario, at the end of February from Truro, so that I'll be riding the Budd SS cars on the way to Montreal, and the Ren set back. Last year, I ended up riding the Renaissance both ways, and was reasonable pleased, but did have some minor irritations. I'm excited to see how the Budd cars measure up on a long trip. I've only taken them between Montreal and Brockville (both HEP-1 and HEP-2), so I don't know what they're like on the long-distance trip. I'm just going comfort-class, so I won't have the comparison of sleepers.

I'm hoping to be pleased. Personally, the LRC's are still my favourites of what any VIA equipment I've ridden so far (and I'm very excited about the rebuilds!), but to be honest, anything by train beats every other mode of travel!