• NYO&W track in Fulton, NY?

  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.

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  by Benjamin Maggi
My wife and I attended the Sterling Renaissance Festival which is just a little south-west of Oswego. In driving there from the east, we passed through Fulton and I noticed some abandoned tracks on the west side as well as what might have been an old rail train near the intersection of Martville Road and Route 104A (about 1/2 mile east of Sterling, NY).

I was wondering if these tracks originally were NYO&W tracks. I am not very familiar with railroads in this area.

  by nydepot
O&W was on the east side of Fulton. You saw the DL&W on the west side of Fulton and then the NYC further west. I'm not getting Martville Rd intersecting 104A. The LV and NYC crossed near Sterling.
  by Benjamin Maggi
  by CarterB
Did the O&W ever run passenger trains up to Fulton?
  by lvrr325
The track near Sterling is former NYC/RW&O.

CSX ran into Fulton until Birds Eye closed. For some reason they've pulled all the crossings above Baldwinsville, preventing service to the outfit in that plant now. The line from Fulton to Oswego belongs to the utility that owns the nuclear plant and the steam plant. It was last used for oil trains which stopped in the Conrail era save a couple of test trains run around the time of the split.

They may have pulled up the rest of the former O&W in Fulton, save the portion between Fulton and Oswego itself. Friend lives up that way says they did a lot of cleanup in June. At one time the original NYO&W line ran west from where it once crossed the NYC, past Nestle, and snaked around to the back of Huhtamaki. But all that was out of service with the Nestle closure if not before.

Yes they ran passenger trains there.