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  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.

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  by SimTrains
Howdy folks...
I'm thinkin of takin a little trip down to North Collins, NY. I know that winters rigging is based out of there. Anybody ever been to there headquarters? Do they even own any rail equipment, or just trucks? And what about this string of alco's I have herd so much about? Where are they located? Also, what rail lines run through there? I assume the CSX chicago line. Any help that anyone could offer would be much appreciated!!

  by joshuahouse
I think the string of alcos you are thinking of is on the Buffalo Southern in Eden. There is also one in Cohocton, NY on The Bath and Hammondsport, aka LAL southern division.

  by clearblock
The only rail line through North Collins is the Buffalo Southern. The NS and CSX lines are about 7 miles west of there at Angola.

  by SimTrains
These are the alco's I was tlaking about, it says on the bottom of the page that the photo was takin at North Collins.


  by Alcoman
They are most likley still there. They were supposed to get moved, but I don't know if they did.
You may also see an Alco HH660 nearby, but it may have been moved. The locals were making a fuss about the equpment being a eye-sore.

  by thebigham
Seven of the Alcos are still there. I was in N. Collins about 3 weeks ago.

The HH660 is still there.


  by nessman
thebigham wrote:The HH660 is still there.
Too bad they're letting it turn into a rusting hulk.

  by Alcoman
I was there 2 years ago and the 43 was supposed to get its trucks swapped.
The really sad thing is that this engine was operating up to the time it left Georgia.
I noticed that the stack was not covered when I was there. I doubt that this rare Alco will run anytime soon due to neglect.
It also appears that the WNYRyHS has made no attempt to store any of its equpment indoors or at least protect it from both the elements and vandals.