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General discussion of computer gaming and railroad simulations. Topics include MS Train Simulator (MSTS), Auran Trainz, Railroad Tycoon, Railroad Dispatcher and more...

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I wanna buy this myself. I am just waiting for a few replys on the support forums before I pay.

I might kick up my system ram to 4 gigs for it as well. 2 gigs seems out of date now for some reason :P

Note to Otto: If you see this can you close or delet the World Of Subways Topic I started just before this one. This one is more active.
  by OportRailfan
F8...destination sign....press control to get your mouse to scroll through the destinations
  by Silverbird
LIRRMEDFORD wrote:must be a high detail benefit. I can't get it on mines in low detail.
Hi LIRRMEDFORD that's odd it should be f8 and then you press ctrl to move the mouse over so you can change the sign. 2gigs are fine if you have windows xp but if your running vista then your gonna need that 4 but it its true were better of with 4 gigs I have to get 2 extra gigs myself. :) and LIRRMEDFORD I wanted to apologize for making other thread I didn't realise for some stupid reason that there was one already started.
It was actually a problem with installation. It would bring up the sign and I could scroll my mouse but each click would get me nothing. And I'll be getting that extra 2 gigs of ram this thursday. And don't worry about the other topic. That was started here in the gaming section and yours was started in the path section. No one hovers around the gaming section more then I do. I'm like a mod but not :P
  by ScreenGrid
Wow love the Screens and Yes it does look just like I remember it:) many years age it have not changed. ''Last Stop, NEWARK''.

Question it strangly looks justs somuch lke the Auran Trainz, which I work in. But the scenery I am lookin at in your screens is just Dead on ;) Can you Build in the sim and How is the Sounds Re: driving, Air breaks, Dynamics how good does it fool your brain in running the simulation?

lets see wheres my 34th st. and 6th av. station stop all change for the Path: heee...



Image :)
I would play a lot more trainz but I can't download anything. Upon buying the game my cousin decided to clean and threw away the box with the product key on it. Bye Bye download station and istallation

1. You can't build in it. Although they claim to have an explorer mode I just haven't been able to figure out how to acess it yet.
2.I would say the acceleration is pretty much dead on except for when you max the throttle and then lower it. It seems to stick with the acceleration of the higher gear untill it hits the max speed of the lower one.
3. As much as I have been on path trains I do not hear the breaks squeak as harsh as the game when you pull the brakes to hard.
4. I have a brain? Is that the little voice inside my head that is saying MUST PLAY WOS
  by ScreenGrid

darn sorry to here about the Lost box. that Sucks big time. Or does it. Your teling me that your coz. Never did a Reg. on auran when they first got the game. cause if they did, your in luck. you can give the help desk a call and Ask for Alan_Yeomans he's on the top of the ladder, or post a Help on the forums: http://forums.auran.com/trainz/index.php. your cuz. info should still be on file. all you need to do is just LOG in the key for The game is Stored in the forums Tab at the top click the serial number tab, that will take you to logon page, find out if your cuz remembers the logon. thats all you need is to log on . once your in stay in that log in area. look on left side and click the link for serial number. yours will be stored there :) thats it copy it and then open trainz and type in the info you got off the webb site thats it :)
  by ScreenGrid
DARN DARN man not good

so I won't tease you LOL ;)

don't mind me I am a Big nut... Let me Pull on this handle a little :


Oooooops Did I do That?? :-D
  by Cadet985
Anyone know where I can e-mail glitches in the game? For example, on the JSQ-33 run, you have two hold times. Once in Christopher Street going into New York, and in Pavonia-Newport out of New York. Even obeying speed limits, you still get 3-4 minute waits that are not realistic.

You never know, they could have put it in to randomly simulate back up in the system. It doesn't happen to me often but I find that every know and then when doing JSQ-33st I get held up for 4 minutes and sometimes I get held for only 1 minute. I would try their support forum first before trying to email them though. Heres the info for ya.

[email protected]

Happy PATH operation!
  by OportRailfan
I just discovered...roughly I think a year later...that they put out an expansion pack as a separate product for the Vol. 1 PATH route. Added 'scenarios'.

Can be found on the publisher's website