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  by Steve F45
I can't remember the site i saw posted that had loads of different antenna's to look at.

I have the radioshack pro-97 1000ch/multi trunking scanner with the small stubby antenna.

I went to radioshack and saw the 2 roof mount ones they have. I liked the rubber coated one that is 2ft long

Here's the link
http://www.radioshack.com/product/index ... 2103575&cp

  by jmp883
Also try:




They're all primarily ham radio stores but they do stock a wide variety of base, mobile and portable scanner antennas (and radios). If you can't find what you need from one of these 3 suppliers then it probably doesn't exist! :wink:

  by Steve F45
thanks for the lins. i forget the link that a railfan put together with a whole bunch of great radio info.
  by dummy
the magnet mount all band three piece scanner antenna from radio shackis what i have. just install the top piece of the three sectons. it works really well and is matched good. you dont want anything matched for CB usage. they are down around 28mhz. 160mhz is what you want. i have the traintenna at home on the roof of the house and it works incredibly well.
  by EdM
very broad question..
Radio Shack trapped verticle mentioned above on a mag mount in the center of the metal roof of your vehicle.
b. RR only: 17" vert mag mount in the center of the metal roof of your vehicle
c. discone high and away from trees on a chimney mount
d. A or B above mounted in your house/apartment on the top of your refrig or file cabinet.
y. the rubber ducky that came with your radio
z. nothing

  by emd_SD_60
I have this antenna, it goes on either my truck or whatever other vehicle my parents have:

http://www.radioshack.com/product/index ... age=family

and I have this antenna mounted on my bedroom window at home:

http://www.radioshack.com/product/index ... age=family

Both are very good antennas so far. :wink:

  by CSX-Dan5377
try that :-D

  by Conrail4evr
Sorry to chime in late, but Dan is right. The 5/8 wave Railcom antenna is the best thing I've found for a roof-mount antenna (1/4 wave antennas come close, but the 5/8 wave ones I find work a bit better). Granted, you could always get a Radio Shack antenna and cut it down so it's tuned to 160-161 mhz...

  by EdM
5/8 is of coarse a bit better than the 1/4. The important thing is not to let the salesman sell you anything "better", because, basically, there ain't...(except perhaps for the saleman) Be a bit careful in cutting down the RS antennas, some of 'em have traps on 'em, which escentially electrically have already cut 'em down..
Ed K2LCK retired spinner of antennas and tall tails/rf tech..

  by dummy
the radio shack antenna doesnt need cutting. EMD has the picture in his hyperlink back up just a bit. just install the top section into the magnet mount, tighten the allen screw, seal the gap up with sillicone and discard the shorter two pieces. my antenna is in the bed of my truck under the tonneau cover. its hidden and it works just as good as if it was on the roof of the truck.

  by EdM
yeh, but why buy it to begin with.... any 17" hunk of copper plated noodle will work as well...

  by dummy
thats true but i needed the mounting base. as well as the cable, and the bnc connector. it works out good for me.