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Discussion relating to commuter rail, light rail, and subway operations of the MBTA.

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  by craven
Does anyone know when the bridge over Bacon St. Natick/Central Ave Wellesley is to be replaced, A lot of activity taking place lately and would enjoy watching it being removed.

Last year I watched the Natick/Saxonville bridge over Rt 9 come down. Quite a scene
  by craven
Rumor has it that the bridge will be replaced the weekend of Aug. 7 - 9.
  by Trinnau
Not likely, MBTA's Worcester Line alerts indicate normal train service is resuming after PTC this coming weekend. Bridge replacements usually mean trains can't.
Normal weekend train service is resuming on the Worcester Line on August 8 as the Positive Train Control Implementation work has been completed. Visit MBTA.com/PTC for more information on how PTC improves Commuter Rail safety and travel.
  by Komarovsky
Work has started on the Intervale Road bridge since at least this Saturday. They've started driving in the piles, during the PTC closure, which is quite a good use of time.
  by JacobKoppel
The weekend of the 27th or march the WML will be shut down to allow the installation of foundations at track level at Intervale rd and Bacon Street It's looking like Bacon Street as of right now will be detoured just for that weekend. However, Intervale Road will be detoured starting March 22 to July 26.
  by WorldwideRailfan (Youtube)
No service east of Framingham means just one set for all of the weekend trains, meaning a "sandwich set" with a loco on each end. Keep an eye out for 1509 on Friday, the 26th, and Monday, the 29th.
  by craven
This past weekend, Detours were set in place and road closure abound to replace the RR bridge in Wellesley.

This AM I drove under the bridge and nothing had changed. Any ideas what caused the delay??
  by JacobKoppel
Updated dates for the bacon st bridge track 3 & 4 demolition.
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  by Rabid Transit
They appear to be working on the bridge this weekend. Route 135 in Wellesley is closed up to the Natick line. Same for Bacon St.

The Intervale Rd bride in Weston also has been worked on. I've been getting pictures of that one the past couple of weeks.
  by JacobKoppel
Here is the current superstructure for the Intervale road bridge. It is being staged where the span for tracks 3 and 4 once were.
  by Rabid Transit
I went by it just now and was surprised to find it just sitting there. I was expecting to find it fully in place and track ballasted. I thought they closed the road down to finish the job.

I saw quite a bit of the work done for the Guild St bridge in Norwood a few years ago. That was fun to watch, both the move of the new bridge in place at night and the ballasting work the following afternoon. I was imagining a similar operation was happening at Bacon St. this weekend.