Discussion of the past and present operations of the Long Island Rail Road.

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  by newkirk
RGlueck wrote: Regarding the G5's, they deserve a non-critical topic header of their own. I'm certain both groups want the locos ready to go as much as we do, however "bashing" the groups won't get it done any faster.
I hope I was't misunderstood. I wasn't bashing any groups. Just pointing out that if the steamers were made operational, would the MTA allow them on their railroad ? If the MTA says no way, then we have two G-5s raring to go going nowhere. I attended many fan trips that helped raised cash for #39, but never saw a G-5s in action. I apologize if I was hostile.
  by Cannon Ball
At least one of the steam locomotives has a place to run: LI G5s #39 is the subject of a multi-decade lease to Strasburg RR once its restoration to operational condition is complete, so it's got a welcome home railroad on which to run for a long time, once funding goals are met. You guys can help right from home by looking up on Amazon, retired LIRR engineer Mark Smith's book "My Life on the LIRR: Memories of a Steam Locomotive Engineer". Mark was probably the last living LI engineer qualified on steam, and has donated all rights to his memoir book to the RR Museum of LI, which owns #39, as his way of helping out the restoration. RMLI gets 100% of the revenue from sale of Mark's book, in perpetuity. Here's the website for you to order; you'll enjoy the read!

https://www.amazon.com/My-Life-L-I-R-R- ... 287&sr=8-1
  by scopelliti
I'm looking for a photo of the interior of Nassau Tower showing the interior stairs. Everyone typically shoots the panel... And if anyone has plans for the tower , that would also be great.
  by Kelly&Kelly
That's a great substation building and as much worth a visit as Nassau Tower.
  by RGlueck
Isn't that Art Huneke's work?
  by scopelliti
Looking through various photos of Nassau Tower I've scraped from the net, I noticed that in this photo named "Section Shanty-Planked Main St. Xing-Mineola - 1952 (J. P. Sommer)" there does not seem to be a third rail for the eastbound track. Anyone know the story? Were they just in the process of installing electric? What looks like a third rail to the south side is the control rods for the turnout for a siding off the westbound track to the east.
  by Kelly&Kelly
In '52, electrification only reached to East WIlliston. Number 1 Main Line track was electrified for a length east of Mineola in 1928 to permit electric engines to access the North Track and Company Siding which lay east of the section shanty . While these sidings were removed in 1929, there were several other electrified sidings just east of Mineola on No 1 which were also served by this third rail. For many years DD-1's moved freight.

In my early years of railfanning, I recall how odd the modern high-level Hicksville station looked with no third rail.
  by Kelly&Kelly
Looks like Art's photo, taken when he was a maintainer. No, he's no artist, though those who worked with him might dispute that.
  by RGlueck
Steve, I have to say it, that's no painting. It's far too detailed.