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General discussion about railroad operations, related facilities, maps, and other resources.

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  by Steve F45
I could not figure out what topic to put this question in so i decided rail ops might be able to help.

Im thinking about moving to NC from NJ. Its getting rediculous here in nj when it comes to buying a house or even renting. For what i'de pay for rent a month here in NJ i could buy a house in NC.

But i dont want to stop railfanning cause i moved down there. I've seen some shots from NC, but where are the busiest spots? I've thought about moving to cary,ashboro,raleigh.

Yeah, U-Haul is definately cheaper than Ryder, or Hertz. Be sure to pack securely, and secure the load, before moving. :-D

  by Steve F45
but that dont help me with were the action is?

You hafta admit, it almost borders on the "bizzare", to move just so you can be "near the action". If that's what you really want, try North Platte, Clovis, Caliente, or one of the other places that see's 100+ trains a day. Try to hire out, with RailAmerica, or Watco, and live somewhere inexpensive, and watch the action from inside the cab!!! Both of those companies are hiring "new guys", and will provide training, and the chance to make up to 50K a year. Regards :wink:

  by LCJ
If you want to go a little upscale, try Two Men and a Truck. They're pretty reasonable, at least compared to the full service movers like Bekins or United.

  by Steve F45
i dont want to move just cause of the trains. but it would be nice to enjoy the hobby down there and not have to travel hours on end just to catch some action and pics. Here where i live now i just have to drive 1/4 for hte csx riverline/susie q or 5 minutes away in either direction for njt lines.

I guess that Suzy job didn't pan out? Those other links I gave you would get you a job, within 30 days, and you would have plenty of opportunity to "watch the action", from the cab or ground. Sometimes it's more fun to dream about those things................ :wink:

  by Steve F45
moving to NC almost seems to be a dream. Trying to comit to it is harder then i would've thought. Moved here to jersey when i was a kid back in 84, have lots of memories.

I'll have to check out the railamerica site and see whats available. and no the susie q didn't work out.