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  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in Canada. For specific railroad questions, see Fallen Flags and Active Railroads categories.
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in Canada. For specific railroad questions, see Fallen Flags and Active Railroads categories.

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  by SLR 393
Heading up for the hab's hockey school the 26th - any updates on the work at Dorval? Are there any work periods where the trains may not be running through the station?

Also this trip we are staying in Brossard, any good areas around there worth checking out (and best day of the week/time of day?)?

  by TrainDuNord
The 26th being a Saturday, it's best to be in Dorval early, as I've always seen heavier traffic on Saturday mornings.

Not far from Brossard, the best place is CN's Southwark yard just South of St.Lambert.
  by SLR 393
We will be there for a week! Probably won't make it to Dorval until tuesday or wednesday though.

At Southwark, do you suggest the pedestrian bridge at the east end?
  by TrainDuNord
SLR 393 wrote:At Southwark, do you suggest the pedestrian bridge at the east end?
Yes if you are there in early morning. Not in late afternoon though because you will have the sun in front of you.

Another good place is at VIA and AMT St.Lambert station. Just make sure there is no AMT security guard around (he can't say anything if you are on the VIA platform!!!).
  by SLR 393
Thanks. Do you know if the Dorval construction has affected train schedules through Dorval? And are there any hobby shops east of the seaway?
  by Montrealrail
At Dorval,the works doe'snt affect train svhedule,but i'ts bettre when you go in the morning and after mid afternoon..

And for hobby shop,you can visit Hobby-Junction,close to Pine-Beach train station good prices and good stuff too on N and HO scales and few things on Z scale,if youre on car it's 5 minutes west of Dorval,by Cardinal street,by bus,you can take 204 and 211 to go to Hobby-Junction.

here's a google-map link to the store.
http://maps.google.ca/maps?f=q&source=s ... 13&iwloc=B
  by SLR 393
We are definitely going to Hobby Junction, that is a must-do for every trip! I was wondering if there are any shops around Brossard or in that area? We are going to be at the Habs practice facility and are staying near it as well.
  by Montrealrail
not much hobbyshop at Brossard,but the biggest hobby shop I nkow are in Montreal,it's Udisco Internationnal hobby,a very large selection of trains,and the other very good one is Van Horne hobby at Laval..

15 years ago,we hab a lot of hobbyshop,but their almost dissapeared with the time and only 5 left in Montreal area..

heres the list..
Hobby-Junction,at Pine beach station Dorval Qc
Udisco internatinnal hobby,on Decarie Boulvard,south of Côte-St-Luc road
Hobbyworld,also on Decarie Boulvard,but in St-Laurent,juste a little bit south of Côte-Vertu boul..
Van Horne hobby,in Laval on St-Martin boulevard.close to Des Laurentides boul.
Vermont and Essex RR (was Loco-Passion just before) on Bélanger street,near L'assomption Boul..

Also at Laval,the's one,but for G scale..Called Jack Hobby.
  by SLR 393
Thanks, we are coming up Sunday! Will try to visit 1 or 2 of the shops besides Hobby Junction.

Looking forward to seeing some trains at Dorval again.
  by Montrealrail
Hobby-Junction are closed on sundays,But with trains(the real ones) it's still active
I'm expecting to go at Dorval this sunday too,I will be ont AMT side,on south platform,I like this place cause we get nice viewing..

Somtetime,I go to Lachine AMT station,where I can see some CP operations and CN west outgoing trains..

If you come by,just make a stop a Dorval station,I can show you some great spots to be able to get trains..
  by SLR 393
We went up two weeks ago, the Habs put on one hell of a hockey camp for kids. The sportif bell in brossard is AWESOME. We saw a lot of trains, at Dorval, St. Lambert, Bonaventure, Wellington, St. Henri, Lachine. Good times. Hobby Junction of course, I blew my budget there (well, what was left of it after the Habs Zone store!).

Heading back up mid august, maybe we can meet up! I am working on getting my pics on picasa web, right now I just have a few up from the trip. http://picasaweb.google.com/txcavgr/Mtl ... directlink
  by Montrealrail
For sure,I'm expecting to go St-Henri next wednesday,at Courcelles crossing,may be from 2 O'clock to 6 P.M
It's one of my favorite place..Some of my friend call that place my railfan office :-D :-D cause I'M always on that spot,but I use to go to many other one..

Here's some exeptionnal pic I get from some place around..
At-Lucien L'allier station,march 2009,I get this great one shot..

At Courcelle crossing,300 feets away,I get a very nice curve where we can get nice shot,especially on afternoon..but if we get sun against us,theres another spot,pretty close at Ste-Ambroise crossing,5 minutes away from Courcelle..

An Dorval is one of my great spots,but the sun not always collaborating...

but if not against the sun,we can get good shots..
  by SLR 393
Nice shots, thanks. Last trip we went to St. Henri/Atwater area, where the CN tracks cross Lachine Canal, it was great. Waited about 2 minutes and a train came!
  by SLR 393
Anything interesting going on around Montreal next week? Heading up to visit friends and do some railfanning. Habs Fan Zone and Hobby Junction for shopping, too!

2 years ago we caught a CN power move through the old port to Hochelaga, that was awesome to see, is there any good time of day or day of the week to catch one these trains?

Also is Southwark Yard still in use?

  by SLR 393

Well we are here! We walked next door to Bonaventure, and bought tix for monday on VIA - the airport connection ticket lets you ride any westbound VIA train (and eastbound from Dorval to return) for $13.55 CDN one way. Monday we are going to ride over to Dorval, to meet our friend and stop in at Hobby Junction. Hopefully we can get some good traffic rolling through the station.