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  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.

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  by BobLI
Does the Mohawk paper factory receive rail cars? I was driving by the factory last week and noticed a siding going into the building but didnt notice if the rails were shiny.
  by Benjamin Maggi
They do, though I am not sure the frequency. I have never seen it switched, but have been told the job operates out of Kenwood Yard at night. I believe they receive boxcars.
  by CP4743
Yes they still get cars. And yes, the local comes up from Kenwood to switch Mohawk. The local is at Kenwood working, typically 7 days per week. So I assume they run to Mohawk paper on an as needed basis. In the last year or so I have only seen boxcars being switched but in the past I have seen tank cars too. Mohawk Paper runs a warehouse at the Port of Albany next to the Port office building. This warehouse has a siding with numerous loading positions. This facility is switched by the Albany Port RR and seems to have a lot of boxcar traffic. I have seen 4 or 5 cars spotted there at a time and I recently saw them get a switch on a Saturday. So Mohawk Paper seems to be a good user of rail between the 2 facilities.

The CP Kenwood local works Kenwood Yard, Global Propane, Surpass, and Mohawk in Cohoes. Global and Surpass are very active customers.

  by BobLI
I passed by there on Monday and saw 2 boxcars parked on the sloping siding area before the road crossing. It looks like they were going to be picked up/spotted?
  by Benjamin Maggi
Are there any indications when Mohawk Paper is going to be switched? Are cars left on a certain track the day before in Kenwood Yard? Is it normally a certain day of the week? I would love to watch the local work, but usually what happens is I find the local tied down on the Surpass tracks in North Albany.
  by CabotValleyRailway
When railfanning around Mohawk Paper in Cohoes, keep on the lookout for a Trackmobile. It has been about 3 years, but I saw one sitting in the lot next to the siding. Back then, I used to commute past there most days. Usually I would see a string of cars parked on the siding next to the main, but never had the opportunity to see the mill being switched.