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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New England

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  by F-line to Dudley via Park
b&m 1566 wrote:I'm very surprised to see that Monadnock Paper, also received a copy of this filing from M&B. This has nothing to do with them, or does it? I personally believe there's a bigger chip involved here.
Monadnock's covered by MBRX's trackage rights, even though they haven't ever been served since the shortline took over from Guilford. The reason they got a copy is that if MBRX went out of business because of the damage PAR's action causes, the mill would never again have the option for rail because PAR's adverse filing does not include any of the track miles past the quarry conveyor belt. That 15 miles would be without an operator, and most likely abandoned after a period of NHDOT holding it out-of-service.

Monadnock has long said they like having the option of rail access, though they've never stuck their necks out and outright asked for it. It's a small mill; the carload potential is awfully small for the 15 miles of extra running. It would cost PAR more than it would return in revenue to send NA-1 that far out and can it every single day. For MBRX it would've been very attractive when Wilton Scenic was still encouraging regular maintenance of all that track, but first time there's a major repair bill due it would challenge the shortline's ability to make a consistent profit on those Monadnock loads. So I kind of doubt that's much of an influence. The mill's remoteness and small size is a buzzkill for either carrier's margins.
  by b&m 1566
Correct me if I'm wrong, but the state (being the owner) would be paying for the rebuild not the railroad.
  by railmemories
Hello. New user here...

I live in Peterborough and I hear the Milford-Bennington toot its horn right around noon every day (or almost every day? not sure). A train horn is such a great sound to still have around in our lives! A stream whistle would be even better, but, oh well.

Is it the M Papermill using it regularly?
  by b&m 1566
No. I believe the last train out that way was in 1986/87. I believe M&B goes to Greenfield State Park once a year with the caboose but that's it. The rest of the trains only go to Law Stone Quarry in Wilton. The trains to and from the quarry do not run during the winter months. I'm not sure when the trains will start running again for the season but its must be getting close.

Edit: Here is a picture taken in June 2016 of the train arriving at the end of the active section of the line located at Muzzy Hill Rd. beyond Muzzy Hill Rd the line is out of service but under M&B track age rights.
  by railmemories
Oh I see. So, if anyone on this forum lives in this area - do you know what train siren do I hear everyday at noon (and sometimes in the evenings)?? It sounds pretty close by - but I don't know if there are any active tracks near Peterborough other than the Bennington line (thru Greenfield)
  by Dick H
Reference horn in Peterborough. The fire department still has an air
horn connected to the fire alarm system for the list of locations shown
below. Many towns used to sound one or two blasts at 12 noon and
again at 6PM or 9PM (curfew). Perhaps Peterborough still does.

http://www.firerescue.us/about-us/fire- ... ision.html" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
  by b&m 1566
Has Pan Am even officially filed yet?
  by b&m 1566
Sorry, I should have been more clear in my question. In the original filing (page 2.) Pan Am stated
Pan Am intends to seek an adverse discontinuance
of operations by Milford Bennington Railroad Co., Inc. ("MBR") and intends to file its
application on or about April 20, 2017.
When I read that, I was under the impression that the first filing was not the actual filing for the adverse discontinuance. It's this application that I was asking about.
  by BandA
Article says only about $100,000 to start a tourist train. Is that accurate for an equipment lease?
  by Dick H
All the other expenses aside, I think the cost and even the availability of liability
insurance would be the tallest mountain to climb. The late Mr. Draper was a
successful businessman with several enterprises, which would have given him the
stature to obtain liability insurance at an affordable cost. Any new tourist operation
would likely have to be an LLC corporation to protect any investors from a threat
to their personal assets, etc. In addition, the recent string of very serious Amtrak
accidents surely has the insurance industry taking a hard look at any start-up
passenger rail company even a tourist line, which would be using older hand me
down equipment and the like..
  by citystation1848
The Wilton Scenic Railroad was an LLC. Wouldn't be surprised to see a reincarnation done the same way.
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