Discussion relating to the past and present operations of the NYC Subway, PATH, and Staten Island Railway (SIRT).

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  by Skip-Stop
It's been already a month or so since the changes were enacted and since there was virtually no dicussion of it on the old forums...

How do you feel about the changes? Do you win or lose? Tell your experiences here.

I really don't use any of the lines on a commuter-style basis, more of a railfan one. For one thing, it's nice to see the N back as the line serving the Astoria Line all times. :wink:

  by arrow
One problem is the lack of service on the Broadway line below Canal St on the weekends. Now it's only the R train that serves those stations and the tunnel to Brooklyn.

I still don't understand why the old B (which became W) is now the D and the old D (which became Q) is now B!

  by M1 9147
Because the B is part-time like the old orange circle Q, and like the diamond yellow Q, so the D takes the W which was, and still is a full-time line down West End, and the current yellow circle Q is also full-time, so that takes the Brighton Local. I wished the Brighton Line saw the D as the express 24/7, the Q local 24/7 while the B used the West End like it used to, but I guess with the rider capacity warrants, there is no additional need for an extra 24/7 Brighton service, so that's why the D is now on the West End now.

  by The Caternary Type
Make the B xpress from midtown to coney island, and make the b run rockefeller-coney island when coney island's running but the b doesnt normally run
  by F59 PHI
What they SHOULD have done is run the B local 205-CI vfia west end, exp 34/6-36/4, and the D from 205th to BBCH Express all along the way weekdays only.