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  • Discussion relating to the pre-1983 B&M and MEC railroads. For current operations, please see the Pan Am Railways Forum.
Discussion relating to the pre-1983 B&M and MEC railroads. For current operations, please see the Pan Am Railways Forum.

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  by MEC407
Does anybody here know what happened to MEC U18B 404 that necessitated repairs to the front of the unit -- specifically, a new nose salvaged from a U25B? Some of the details I'm interested in are: what happened; when it happened (even if just what year it happened); and which U25B was the "nose donor."

  by wolfmom69
:P This is a "guess",but I can recall one of the Guilford GE's being set in motion,by vandals,in central part of Mass. Shirley area rings a bell. Can't recall if it was light,MU'd or on a train. In any event,there was an attempt to "board" it,but finally,it was diverted to a spur,side track,and derailed. Nose area damaged,and the replacement "nose job" grafted on. I will ask Larry Hawkes,editor of The Atlantic States Limited,as he has an incredible recall of unit numbers,dates etc. Bud :P

  by MEC407
Thanks Bud!
  by wolfmom69
Ok,got most of the story! It was the #404,and it hit a cabosse! Checking further on where & when! The #406 was the U-18 that got stolen in the Shirley area and was derailed onto its side;did NOt need a nose job! As far as which U-25,but#227,#235,#236 and #237 were purchased in the group,from Rock Island,for "parts" to be cannibalized,so it probably is one of those four units,at least from the book I am using. Hope this helps a little. Bud :P


  by GP40MC1118
The 406 was the runaway engine incident. It came out of Somerville, not Shirely. It got as far as Shop Interlocking, where it was deliberately derailed to stop it before reaching Lowell. By the time it got there it was up to 60-70MPH, promptly launching itself in the air and landing on its side.

The anniversary of the runaway is April 21st

  by MEC407

  by NHN503

  by jwhite07
Yeah... coolness, too!

  by Engineer Spike
I see them all the time when I go through La Salle, on the Adirondack Sub. They are in the GE plant.
I remember going to Ayer in the early 90s. I saw a 3 builder lashup one day. They had one of these, which was shooting flames, along with one of the C425ms, lashted to various EMDs.
  by Shadow.X
what happen to those units after they went to NIAX (Niagara & Western New York) was they scrapped by pan am or sold to another railroad?
  by MEC407
They were sold to Rail Trusts Equipment (RTEX) in 2003 and moved to Montreal, where they remain in storage, partially cannibalized.
  by MEC407
Engineer Spike wrote:I just saw one of them the other day. It was right next to route 20 expressway.
Is that in Montreal?
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