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  by Schuylkill Valley
Hello all,
I'm looking for some information on a passenger coach being Shipped down from North Creek, NY.
I'm a member of the Colebrookdale Railroad who has just bought the Ex.CN coach for our new tourist operation. It started on it's journey on Friday and we haven't heard anything yet on where it might be. So I was wondering if any one in here might have seen it.
This is what the coach looks like.
Thank you and God Bless,
ps. not my Photo.
  by lvrr325
Not sure I understand why someone asking about a current shipment on CP's former D&H lines was moved to the fallen flags forum.
  by Benjamin Maggi
Or how we could really help
  by traingeek8223
The car was still in North Creek as of 4/28/14 but this is probably old news by now.
  by Engineer Spike
As of yesterday, it was still on the stub track south of the crossover to CPC36, on the SNCR.