• Lake Superior & Ishpeming to rid itself of U30Cs etc?

  • Discussion of General Electric locomotive technology. Current official information can be found here: www.getransportation.com.
Discussion of General Electric locomotive technology. Current official information can be found here: www.getransportation.com.

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  by Komachi
U30Cs and C30-7s have been the mainstay on the LS&I for about two decades or so. Sad to see 'em go, if such is the case (I'm kinda partial to that BN "Cascade Green" paint scheme).

I dunno about the -8s.

But, what else would they replace the fleet with otherwise, if they are indeed doing a clean sweep of the roster (kind of like the KB&S with their ALCo. fleet with the EMDs)?

Not trying to fuel the speculation, but I am seriously currious as to what an ore hauler like the LS&I would obtain as "new" power. Would they go with EMD SDs (like 40s or 45s) like the DM&IR, or would they go with more GE products?

  by MEC407
Switching from GE to EMD would probably be quite expensive for them at this point, based on the new tools and parts that would be required, plus the fact that EMDs generally cost more than comparable GEs. If they like GEs, its unlikely that they would switch over to EMDs... unless they've had a change in management. What "the boss" wants is usually what prevails, regardless of what the rank-and-file want or what has worked well in the past.

There are plenty of C39-8s at bargain basement prices... :wink:

The ex-CNW C40s, assuming they go up for sale, might be the better investment... they're newer and have a somewhat better history of reliability than the C39s.

  by uhaul
The C40-8s may be better than the C39-8s, but I just thought of this. The U30Cs and C30-7s were retired by a Class 1 when they were becoming shop queens, but on a smaller railroad a locomotive can receive more one on one with the maintenance department. Maybe the C39-8s are troublesome enough that not even a short line and or regional would want them and I heard the cabs are cramped. Well I am glad I got over to Marquette in 2004 and photographed them. Yes, I will eventually put those photos online.

I type in Brown because I can.

  by uhaul
Well, with UP 9023-9042 and 9044- 9052 retired we will have to see what arises.
  by RickRackstop
Well it seems that LS&I is going to lease 8 GE AC4400CW's to replace the 5 older locomotives they still have in service. Should be on the property by now. It will be interesting to see how well they adapt to ac power, particularly the dynamic brake function.
  by MEC407
Two AC4400s could do the work of three U30Cs or C30-7s; that could mean a substantial fuel savings for LS&I. I imagine that they'd spend a lot less on traction motor maintenance as well.
  by MEC407
Just wondering how the AC44s are working out for LS&I. Also wondering how many U30Cs they still have in service. Does anyone know?
  by MEC407
Looks like at least two of LSI's venerable U30Cs are still getting the occasional workout!

Photo by "colmat91":

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