• how many of you have seen a heritage unit in person

  • Discussion relating to the NS operations. Official web site can be found here: NSCORP.COM.
Discussion relating to the NS operations. Official web site can be found here: NSCORP.COM.
  by lakeshoredave
i have not seen a heritage unit in person on the ns yet. how many of you have seen one in person?
  by blockline4180
Two... The Nickel Plate and PRR.
  by tytrain
Saw the PRR unit at National Train Day in Chicago...that's how I learned about the program. What an amazing surprise!
  by Gadfly
I can say I have seen ALL of them gathered at Spencer Roundhouse (NC Transportation Musuem) yesterday. A very nice time, but BOY! It was HOT as the blazes out there!!!!

  by BigDell
The photos are amazing. Hoping to catch some in person in NJ at some point soon. It's actually made railfanning and photographing FUN again. I'd lost "the edge" after the the NS/CSX deal and the retirement of the older engines (and the lack of activity on the local small lines in NJ). But these heritage units have made it fun to go trackside again and look for something special.... and I'm rediscovering a few things I'd missed the last couple years. Just a great program by NS and looking forward to spotting one in person....
  by amtrakhogger
I have seen the PRR unit on a train en route to Pavonia Yard on going through N. Philly and the N&W unit in Bayview Yard in Baltimore on an empty coal train.
  by Gadfly
Someone pointed out a fact in another forum I didn't pick up on. In the NC roundhouse photo, the NW unit was on the far left of the announcement tent and the SOU
engine was to the far right with the rest of the locos gathered around the turntable. This was a symbolism of the two railroads who initially merged 30 years ago as Norfolk Southern. The rest of the engines represented those who came later under the auspices of Conrail. During the day's ceremonies, each engine was turned on the table, then shoved out past the grassy knoll individually so the people could take photos of their favorite engine/road. At the end of the day, the locos were brought back, one by one, in order, turned, and placed back in the circle. Finally, when the "circle be unbroken" and the Southern engine (last in line) was in place, an NS engine was placed ON the turntable to signify unity--the ONE corporate entity. The photo exists on other rail sites/forums, and I assume they will appear in "Trains"(?) magazine. I'm not too much on "railfanning", but this was a special occasion, and worth the trouble. I saw car tags from all over, and "they" say people came from England to see this. It has been quite a summer for NS this year, and is continuing on into fall. The steam engine, Sou 630, came to visit, and I went on the employee/retiree excursion. It remained in Spencer for two weeks, then on to Roanoke, then Knoxville and points south. They are running NKP 765 up north as part of the NS celebration, and it has been quite a summer for the East Coast. If you didn't make it down for these events, you missed a "good'un"! :)

  by atsf sp
I have seen the NKP in Conway yard when it was first released.
  by Gilbert B Norman
A Westbound merchandise train passed my noted location at about 830A today with the Reading unit leading and the Lehigh Valley trailling.

In a word; "they looked sharp".

Interesting how the NS will allow these units to operate in "run through" services with other roads; certainly a contrast with an earlier observation this morning of a BC Rail unit definitely in need of a CN livery.
  by charlie6017
Absolutely! Underneath these beautiful paint schemes these units are like every other
GEVO unit out there, designed to lug tonnage trains as well as fast piggyback freight.

I gotta get out to the Tier or the ex-NKP soon to try to catch some of these myself.

  by wurlitzer153
Unfortunately, they've been spending most of their time in coal service. I don't think any have made it up to NY yet.

Meanwhile, I saw the NKP unit again today...tucked in behind a certain other heritage unit...
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