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Discussion related to Baldwin Locomotive Works, Lima Locomotive Works, Lima-Hamilton Corporation, and Baldwin-Lima-Hamilton.

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  by rayman
I am researching these engines as were fitted in over 107 patrol chasers and 7 subs of ww2. I know they were not very reliable in the sub generating duty but were very reliable in the chasers. What I seek is illustrations or section views of them and the difference in model designations-- 89 DA--99DA--Rseries --RBseries of some 2500 hp.
There was also an SA series used as main engines in yard tugs and auxilliaries in many other vessels. Where are you hankadam??
  by hankadam
Heavens-to-Betsy - - - Must I look at the flickering screen EVERY day? I usually do to BLH. I may have something, but need to do some digging in the basement, so would you please email at [email protected], and we can correspond more privately. Thanks, Henry Rentschler

  by rfederle
You mean there might be film of those engine from General Machinery?

Former Hamiltonian,
Robert Federle

  by hankadam
Hi Bob: I was referring to my computer screen, not a motion picture. All of my records have been given away to various museums so I cannot offer further information. Where are you as a "former" Hamiltonian. Take care, Hank Rentschler.
  by rfederle
Hello Mr Rentschler,

Although I have relocated my roots are still in Hamilton. I now reside in New Iberia Louisiana. Have been here since 1978 and working as Chief Engineer aboard a Dive Support Offshore Vessel. Still have family in Hamilton and the wife and I go every couple months. I have to check on elderly parents and make sure they have what they need.

Anyway, I wroye you back in 1987 (I think) about Limas Hamilton and I still have your letter at home somewhere (from Baldwin - Hamilton Corp.). I was in Hamilton in July and spoke with Dan Finfrock and your name and BLH come up in conversation. He said you attended a rail show at Cincinnati Union Terminal (I believe) a few years back and he ended up with a manual.

I was browsing through the topic headings and spotted the Hamilton MAN heading and had to check it out. Then I saw a link with you name and thought I'd post the questuion and see what came back.

I had been wondering about you and your where abouts from time to time. Now I know.

Good to hear from you Sir. Take care and thank you very much for the reply.

Robert Federle

  by Tadman
Gotta love going back to Hamilton now and then... I went to Miami and drove through Hamilton many times on the way to Cincinnati or Jungle Jims. I also passed through on Amtrak a few times. Where were the Hamilton (or NBP) works in Hamilton?
  by rfederle
Hello Tadman,

You've kind of thrown me with the initials NBP? Niles Tool Works building I believe is now a warehouse (of sorts) for Smartt Papers in Hamilton (formerly Champion Papers). It is located on North 3rd Street.

I believe the remains of the General Machinery Corporation (BLH or Hamilton MAN) is also on the east side of North 3rd Street just south of the Niles Tool building. I believe it starts at Butler Street and goes south a couple blocks toward High Street. There were additional structures there but were torn down more than 30 some years ago. Much of that land area now is a vast parking lot for the Ohio Casualty Insurance Company and the City of Hamilton.

Right in that area and around Butler Street is a good railfanning spot. CSX and NS share trackage from Cincinnati north over the old B&O Main and tehy utilize NS as the southbound main.

I have never gone to Jungle Jims but that place is growing by leaps and bounds. I hear it is a very popular place and it appears to be because the parking lot is always full. I think thats one reason I have never gone. Too crowded.

I grew up on the west side off Milville Avenue. When you say Miami, I assume you are referring to Miami University in Oxford.

If you traveled through Hamilton by Amtrak it was the Cardinal and you would have passed the old B&O brick depot. I believe Amtrak used to stop there but I dont think they do any more. That brick depot was originally the Cincinnati Hamilton and Dayton Railroad building. Now it only houses the CSX Signal Department.

The buildings mentioned in the first part of the post is about 6 or 7 blocks north of this depot and about one or two blocks further east if that helps to orient you.

Hankadam may correct me about some of the info posted here but I think I am pretty close. Been a while.

Robert Federle