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  by njgrptfan
I have seen pics of the Greenport turntable still being used in the 1970s.
Anyone know when the last time it was used to turn an engine?
Probably late 70s or early 80s ?
  by RGlueck
Is it capable of turning a locomotive today?
  by gamer4616
RGlueck wrote: Wed Sep 07, 2022 8:16 am Is it capable of turning a locomotive today?
It cannot turn a locomotive these days. It is no longer connected to LIRR tracks.

It's been a little while since I've gone out to Greenport. Someone with more knowledge can chime in, but I believe the Railroad Museum nearby was working on the turntable. They own the turntable, I believe.
  by scopelliti
Looking at Google Earth, the turntable looks like it was isolated at least in 1994.
  by C-LINER 2001
Here is the story, on June 26, 1972 the Long Island Rail Road put in effect a new Employee Timetable for which was the start of Scoots, which that was day one of the Ronkonkoma -Greenport Monday to Friday run, the Engineer was a "Real Old Timer" who dislike bosses, C.B. was a Colorful Guy, Funny and unfiltered, Mr. C.B. was told not to use the Turntable, needless to say a Track Crew made a visit in July to spike the switch lead and that was that. my Dad who was an Engineer told me this, believe you can't make this stuff.
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  by 4behind2
The pit is intact, and only the girder exists on its bearing. It was the subject of renovation by RMLI a few decades ago.

Perhaps a RMLI Official can weigh in on this subjet.
  by njgrptfan
Thanks for the info! Keep it coming!
There is a pic online of the turntable from 1978 and it is definitely out of service by then!
Even though the turntable is now cut off from the tracks, I believe it is still considered part of the Right Of Way and still owned by LIRR. It was always powered by hooking up an air hose to the Steam or Diesel engine it was turning to get power to operate it. About 15 years ago or so RMLI hooked up an air compressor to the turntable and it still worked! They did test operate it, and it turned!
It was built to last a long time!