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  by MBTA F40PH-2C 1050
there was a genesis unit on train #190 today. it was 51 minutes late arriving at Providence and boston. I guess this engine is returning from its inspection?
  by Pensyfan19
Can anyone confirm this? Why do P42s ride behind electrics on the NEC at times? I saw this happen once or twice within the past few years.
  by Gilbert B Norman
Mr. Pennsy, previous reports here have noted that 66-67 usually have this "lashup". This is when there is overnight maintenance being done to the catenary.

  by NaugyRR
They'll do it during periods of bad weather as well, where the catenary has the potential to be downed or lose energy. Saves the trouble of having a rescue engine sent out when you can just take off using diesel power.
  by 8th Notch
This is commonly done on 67/66 since there is a ton of time to add and remove the diesel without losing time. This could have just been a power shuffle that needed to be done so they plugged it on 190 in NHV. I had these lashups quite often when I ran that train on a frequent basis and they do it more often to save running a solo lite engine to NHV.
  by Backshophoss
There were times when the 25 kv wire was off for repairs and fine tuning after the construction on the Shoreline east of NHV,also MN has killed their wire during the overnight hours,for the constant tension
wire install.
  by rcthompson04
I have seen a variety of this between Philadelphia and Harrisburg. It is usually done as an equipment move, the grid needs needs deenergized west of Thorndale, there is bad weather expected or there is a shortage of control cars so the Genesis is serving as a control car.