Discussion relating to the operations of MTA MetroNorth Railroad including west of Hudson operations and discussion of CtDOT sponsored rail operations such as Shore Line East and the Springfield to New Haven Hartford Line

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  by joetrain59
I just moved to Bethel from New Milford, and now have the D branch to fan. Noticed a spur at Shelter Rock Rd crossing. Think it serves Sperry, and P&W works the branch.
Any other active freight customers on the D branch? Would assume they are worked at night.
Lot's of horn action going on through out day. Sounds great to me.
Joe D
  by DutchRailnut
Sperry moves its own cars, P&W comes up and down the Danbury branch with CT-2 a stone train going to Danbury Tilcon facility near federal road car dealers.
CT-2 runs as long as blacktopping is going on.
CT-2 also serves Rings end Lumber in Bethel.
no other active freight customers.
one unusual move is P&W takes private car NYC-3 Portland to and from its winter storage at Sheppard's Warehouse in Bethel.
  by joetrain59
I have seen HRRC on the tracks by Tilcon, between Federal Rd., and Eagle Rd. Never saw P&W there, but also never there much, but to go to Lowes. Have to look up RE in Bethel.
Cool. Thanks Dutch.
Joe D
  by DutchRailnut
HRRC does not serv Danbury branch, but yes at Tilcon its Housy trackage.
  by F-line to Dudley via Park
Can't find a better thread post this in. But here's the P&W President's address to shareholders, cross-posted from the P&W subforum. . .
CN9634 wrote:http://www.pwrr.com/president_ltr.htm

Certainly worth the read. Too much to copy for here.

This passage in particular. . .
The Company has worked very hard to emphasize its diverse routing options and connections to meet and exceed market demands on service. This has helped to bring in new business and grow existing customers. The Company will continue to pursue all opportunities to grow revenue and enhance our existing rail lines and connections to grow and expand the goods we carry. For example, the Company received approval to operate heavy axle rail cars with a gross operating weight of 286,000 pounds (“286k”) over Metro North Commuter Railroad’s New Haven Line this past year. These heavy axle rail cars have become the industry standard and provide an opportunity for our customers to move more product more efficiently. The Company upgraded its rail lines in Connecticut and Rhode Island to accommodate heavy axle cars and will pursue an aggressive capital repair program this year to upgrade bridges on our Main Line between Worcester, Massachusetts and Providence, Rhode Island to accommodate 286k rail cars.
When did this happen?

Did this actually happen the way he says it did?

How did this happen, given MNRR's longstanding hostility to freight on the NHL and the condition of the bridges being what they are?
  by DutchRailnut
MN has no say over freight lines in Connecticut, if CDOT want to destroy their infrastructure including bridges they can do so.
nothing was upgraded, other than being pencil whipped.
All of MN territory has always been 263 000 Lbs max
  by Jeff Smith
Pardon the dust.

So what's left?

Is NYC-3 still stored on the branch?

Does Ring's End still get service?

Didn't Sperry move their cars to Maybrook?

And I imagine P&W is going to have a rough time accessing the line from South Norwalk once the WALK bridge replacement starts. What are the contingency plans?
  by Backshophoss
Time for HRRC to stop squatting and clean up Newtown-Derby Jct segment of the Maybrook on their dime or give it to ConnDOT
  by J.D. Lang
I think Rings End may still get an occasional spine flat. I didn't think about the Walk bridge but that could be enough impetus to get the Derby J-Danbury back in service for PW. Who pays for it is another question.
  by Jeff Smith
Center beams? Yeah, I could see that.

As for upgrades to the Maybrook, they better jump on the stick. I would think it would have to be a CtDOT project since they're in charge of WALK. What that entails in negotiations with HRRC vis-a-vis ownership, rights, etc.?

They've got to get it up to Class II (25) I would think, 25 for freight. 10 would barely be acceptable.

Imagine the foam...
  by Ridgefielder
Vanderbilt Chemical in Bethel still has a siding. Not sure if they ship in/out by rail though. Rings End definitely still gets lumber (their Darien location is also, so far as I know, the last freight customer on the ex-New Haven between Bridgeport and the NY state line.)