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  • Discussion about the Union Pacific operations past and present. Official site can be found here: UPRR.COM.
Discussion about the Union Pacific operations past and present. Official site can be found here: UPRR.COM.

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  by delvalrailfan
MAXFWX Alexandria LA-Fort Worth TX As Needed
MBUMH Butler WI-Monahans TX
MDMEW Des Moines IA-Houston TX (Englewood)
MDMFW Des Moines IA-Fort Worth TX
MEPDA El Paso TX-Dallas TX
MFWCV Fort Worth TX-Coffeyville KS
MFWEW Fort Worth TX-Houston TX (Englewood)
MFWHO Fort Worth TX-Houston TX (Settegast)
MFWLI Fort Worth TX-Livonia LA
MFWMH Fort Worth TX-Monahans TX
MFWMX Fort Worth TX-Laredo TX
MFWNL Fort Worth TX-North Little Rock AR
MFWNP Fort Worth TX-North Platte NE
MFWSA Fort Worth TX-San Antonio TX
MFWWC Fort Worth TX-West Colton CA
MFWWT Fort Worth TX-Wichita KS
MHOFW Houston TX (Settegast)-Fort Worth TX
MHOKC Houston TX (Settegast)-Kansas City MO
MHONP Houston TX (Settegast)-North Platte NE
MHOWT Houston TX (Settegast)-Wichita KS
MKCFW Kansas City MO-Fort Worth TX
MKCMU Kansas City MO-Muskogee OK
MLDKC Laredo TX-Kansas City MO
MLDNP Laredo TX-North Platte NE
MNLFW North Little Rock AR-Fort Worth TX
MNLKC North Little Rock AR-Kansas City MO
MNLKS North Little Rock AR-Kansas City KS
MNLNP North Little Rock AR-North Platte NE
MNPFW North Platte NE-Fort Worth TX
MNPNL North Platte NE-North Little Rock AR
MNPPB North Platte NE-Pine Bluff AR
MODFW Odessa TX-Fort Worth TX
MPBFW Pine Bluff AR-Fort Worth TX
MPSEW Parsons KS-Houston TX (Englewood)
MPSMH Parsons KS-Monahans TX
MSAFW San Antonio TX-Fort Worth TX
MSPFWX Spring TX-Fort Worth TX As Needed
MTUDA Tucson AZ-Dallas TX
MWCDA West Colton CA-Dallas TX
MWCFW West Colton CA-Fort Worth TX
MWTFW Wichita KS-Fort Worth TX
QNLNP North Little Rock AR-North Platte NE

IDILB Dallas TX-Long Beach CA
IDIPTX Dallas TX-Long Beach CA As Needed
IDITAX Dallas TX-Tacoma WA As Needed
IG4MQ Joliet IL (Global 4)-Mesquite TX Mon
IGSDIX Los Angeles CA (Global Gateway South/APL)-Dallas TX As Needed
IGSDUX Los Angeles CA (Global Gateway South/APL)-Dupo IL As Needed
ILBMN Long Beach CA-Marion AR
ILXDIB Los Angeles CA (ICTF)-Dallas TX
ILXDIX Los Angeles CA (ICTF)-Dallas TX As Needed
ILXG4 Los Angeles CA (ICTF)-Joliet IL (Global 4) Tue-Thu, Sat
ILXG4X Los Angeles CA (ICTF)-Joliet IL (Global 4) As Needed
ILXMN Los Angeles CA (ICTF)-Marion AR
IMNCIR Marion AR-City of Industry CA As Needed Baretables
IMNLB Marion AR-Long Beach CA
IMQLA Mesquite TX-Los Angeles CA
KG4LB Joliet IL (Global 4)-Long Beach CA Sat-Sun, Tue-Thu
KLBG4 Long Beach CA-Joliet IL (Global 4)
ZG4MQ Joliet IL (Global 4)-Mesquite TX Tue-Sat
ZLAMQ Los Angeles CA-Mesquite TX
ZLCMN Los Angeles CA (LATC)-Marion AR Tue
ZMNLA Marion AR-Los Angeles CA
ZMQG4 Mesquite TX-Joliet IL (Global 4)
ZYCMQ Dolton IL (Yard Center)-Mesquite TX

AARAS Arlington TX-East St. Louis IL (A&S)
AEGAS Eagle Pass TX-East St. Louis IL (A&S)
ALDMQ Laredo TX-Mesquite TX
AMNLBX Marion AR-Long Beach CA As Needed
AMNML Marion AR-Mira Loma CA
ASMAR Salem IL-Arlington TX
  by delvalrailfan
AAMKB Kansas City KS-Kirby TX
MLIFW Livonia LA-Fort Worth TX