• Fire-damaged New York, Ontario & Western station may be conv

  • Discussion of the NYO&W Railway and predecessor New York and Oswego Midland Railroad (NY&OM) for the period 1866 to its abandonment in 1957. Visit the historical site here: O&WRHS.
Discussion of the NYO&W Railway and predecessor New York and Oswego Midland Railroad (NY&OM) for the period 1866 to its abandonment in 1957. Visit the historical site here: O&WRHS.

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  by K4Pacific
From Train Newswire
Published: March 28, 2013
MIDDLETOWN, N.Y. – The former New York, Ontario & Western passenger station in Middleton may be converted into new facilities for the Middletown Community Health Center. Middleton Mayor Joseph DeStefano tells the Mid-Hudson News Network the dilapidated, fire-damaged station is an icon and that the project will not only preserve the building but enhance healthcare in the region.

Built in 1892, the three-story brick building was designed by architect Bradford Lee Gilbert. O&W passenger service ended in the 1953, and in 1957 the O&W was liquidated. The station was home to several small shops and businesses until damaged by fire on February 2, 2004. It has sat empty ever since.

Conversion of the station will cost about cost $10 million. U.S. Senator Charles Schumer says he would lobby for $4 million in New Market Tax Credits to help fund the project. Schumer says when tax credits are granted, private funding steps forward to pay for the remainder of the work. Center officials are hoping to receive the tax credit commitment by May, line up the remainder of the financing and start the two-year reconstruction project.
  by David
Any updates on the rebuilding of the station? Pictures?
  by David
I guess not too many people get to Middletown NY to see this old stations repair.
  by frank754
That's an article from almost a year ago. From what I hear, the plan is still in place, but nothing has been done yet.
In fact, they already had the plans in place to turn it into a medical building when I visited in 2011:
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  by Marty Feldner
I've seen that page before; one correction- what he refers to as a shop building was the Adams Express Company building, next to the passenger station. The shops facilities were about a quarter mile (timetable) west of here.

As for the station conversion- this is Middletown we're talking about. AKA 'dysfunction junction'. The DL&W cutoff restoration has as much a chance for completion, IMO. (I wouldn't mind being proved wrong, but I'm not holding my breath...)
  by David
Heard there was a fire there. How much damage was there? Have they started to work on the building for there new medical facilities?
  by Marty Feldner
Fire was contained to a single room on the third floor. The rest of the story isn't good; once again, Middletown snatches defeat from the jaws of victory. The Community Health Center was in WAY over its head with the station. Over three years they only managed to secure a fraction of the money needed, and from all appearances made little or no attempt to even stabilize the building. On the 17th, they announced that they were now in negotiations to move into a portion of the former Horton Hospital- now the Touro Medical College.
MIDDLETOWN – Plans to relocate the Middletown Community Health Center to the O&W Railroad Station in Middletown have been scrapped, but

the healthcare organization will be relocated to the Touro College campus in the city.

Middletown had sold the vacant, rundown O&W Station, which had been the victim of two fires, to the community health center for $1 which had plans to raise the funding to restore and move into it. While the organization has secured over $3 million in state and federal funds, it needed much more, and federal tax credits, which were sought, could not be secured.
Link to the article:http://www.midhudsonnews.com/News/2016/ ... 7Mar16.htm

The sound you hear is the fat lady warming up in the wings...
  by David
Perhaps some hope for it to be saved. Middletown seems to have a business interested. The station is now in the hands of the town away from the health agency.