Discussion relating to the past and present operations of the NYC Subway, PATH, and Staten Island Railway (SIRT).

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  by nyrmetros
It would have been great if the line was extended to the nassau border. oh well. What could have been.
  by Adirondacker
BobLI wrote:It may be faster taking the LIRR from Queens Village into NY but its a heck of a lot more expensive! The monthly fare is $163.just for a LIRR ticket and more if you have to take a subway at Penn Sta. If the subway went to Queens Village it would be far cheaper to get an unlimited metro card and take the subway and extra time.
A savings of over 50 dollars a month adds up!
One of the solutions to that problem is to make the monthly ticket from Queens VIllage the same price as a monthly Metrocard and have the monthly ticket swipable on the buses and subway, just like a Metrocard... well tappable...
  by BobLI
A good idea but if you make 1 station in zone 3 that fare then the other people at different stations in zone 3 will scream like heck! You have 12 other stations in that zone so it would not be adaptable.
  by nyrmetros
There's no prerogative to extend this line is there??
  by mikey cruz
The MTA should start thinkin smart and do an extension, do it as cut and cover to save time and money and deal with the anti-blasting NIMBY's, just like the "A" line I think should be extended but above ground.
  by RWERN
The decades-old plan was to extend it by about 4.1 miles to Little Neck Parkway, a little under a mile from the border with Nassau County, if I am not mistaken.
  by railfan365
You are not mistaken. It's a shame that vast areas of Queens require a lengthy bus ride or the use of a car just to get to a subway.
  by BobLI
A better use of the MTA money may have been to extend this line to eastern Queens instead of the 7 line further into Manhattan.

it may be more bang for the buck and more riders from the outer area. I'm sure construction would be easier in that area of Queens.
  by Noel Weaver
nyrmetros wrote:How far do the tail tracks go past 179th ?
Many years ago I lived in that area and was a regular rider out of 179th Street. I have walked Hillside Avenue all the way to and beyond the city line in my younger days. Often I would walk east on Hillside Avenue and I believe the tracks continue as yard tracks nearly to 188th Street. I suggest if you have time sometime that you do that walk, you will notice the vents in the sidwalk and in areas you can probably still hear the trains underneath although they do not travel at the speeds that they do in revenue service west out of 179th Street. As you may know, 179th Street is a two level yard with the outside tracks using the lower level and this was used by "E" trains in the days that all of them ran to 179th Street while the two inside tracks were for "F" trains which yarded and turned on the upper level. It has been many, many years since I have been in or ridden the subway in that area so I am not sure just how that facility is utilized today although as others have pointed out, it is probably much less than in the past. I do know that the station was one very busy spot in the rush hours.
Noel Weaver