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  • Discussion of Electro-Motive locomotive products and technology, past and present. Official web site can be found here: http://www.emdiesels.com/.
Discussion of Electro-Motive locomotive products and technology, past and present. Official web site can be found here: http://www.emdiesels.com/.

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  by ExEMDLOCOTester
ic9623 wrote:Does anyone know what happened to the special high horse power SD 45 thatr tested on the IC. It was from EMD of course, it had 2 fans for the dynamic blister and 4 cooling fans in the back. If this is not enough info I will try and find the photo and info on it.
EMD had a test consist that ran on the IC from Richton Park to what ever chunk of track the Conductor could get in 1983. The 5740 was part of that test for the SD/GP 60 micro processor develpoment. At the time the 5740 was half Dash two and half super series...

  by ExEMDLOCOTester
Allen Hazen wrote:I don't know if an SD45X ever operated on KCS, but I have a guess about what you might recall reading!

The SD45X (4200 hp from a 20-cylinder 645 engine) were built in 1970-1971. Several years (and the experience of using better wheel-slip control systems on experimental freight electric locomotives and a few modified SD40-2: five SD40-2SS that went to BN in 1978) later, EMD tried raising their engine output again, and built four "SD40X" prototypes (3500 hp out of 16 cylinders). These were prototypes for the "50-series" locomotives, and went to... Kansas City Southern.
If I remember correctly the KCS units were 645 engines @ 950 RPM, with an "F' or "G"3B Turbo, AR-16 gennerator, and D-87X traction motors.
  by U-Haul
We all know about most of the equipment inside a locomotive, but a few somethings has me stumped. In the photo below the SD45 facing away from the viewer has a triangular piece of steel "sticking" ou of the electrical cabinet(s). What is that? On the SD45 facing the viewer there are two exposed "holes" just above the walkway on the nose. What is in there? Are the frames chopped up because of their scrap value?
The picture you are about to see may cause emotional distress.

  by ExEMDLOCOTester
The angle iron on the HVC is for strain relief of the umbilical cord feeding the inertial filter fan.

I believe the "Holes" you are referring to are the access doors for the sand valves. For my reference to your question, the platform light is between the square holes.

  by U-Haul
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  by ES44AC
How many SD45-2 (not T-2) are in operational condition, and or running?

  by Otto Vondrak
Except for the ones that have been scrapped, all of them.

Which railroad are you asking about?

  by ES44AC
all the railroads.

  by Lirr168
I know this is not exactly what you're looking for, but this link might be a good place to start:


I will poke around and see if I find anything else. I think it is a safe bet that any of these that were converted to B-Units are no longer operational, but as I said, that is purely a guess.


  by Otto Vondrak
ES44AC - You need to narrow down your question so we can give you a good answer. Or try doing some internet searches on your own before you ask for help.

  by scooter3798
I know that there are two of the EL units that have been scrapped, as well as a number of the former Clinchfield and SCL units, off hand I am not exactly sure of the number though.

CSX still rosters a couple straight SD45-2's and also some that have been internally converted to SD40-2's. CSX 8954 (SCL) and 8974 (EL) are both still 45-2's, while 2422, 2423 (CRR), 8886, 8889, and 8973 (EL) have been converted to 40-2 specs. Also they recently scrapped 8972 (CRR) and sold the 8976 to the Ohio Central.

NS still rosters all six of their former EL units, 1700-1705. All are still straight 45-2's as well.

BNSF still rosters 67 of the former Santa Fe units. They are numbered in the 6450-6515 series. They also still have 5 of the SD45-2B's on the roster.

HATX 750-753 are SD45-2's that have been converted to SD40-2's. 750 and 751 are SCL and 752 and 753 are Clinchfield.

HATX 900-914 ex TFM exx CSX
900-902 SCL (901 to HLCX 6451)
903 CRR to HATX 1505 (SD40M-2)
904-906 SCL
907-908 CRR
909-910 SCL
911-912 CRR
913 SCL
914 CRR
902, 905, 906, 910, and 911 renumbered to HATX 1522-1526 (SD40M-2's)

HLCX 6407 ex Trona nee SCL

HLCX 6408-6412 ex Trona nee ATSF

HLCX 6450 ex NRE exx CSX nee SCL

From what I have been able to come up with 112 of the 136 units built are still active in some form or another. However like I said I'm not real sure of the number of units that were scrapped.

Hope this helps,


  by SSW9389
Scooter: Montana Rail Link #301-311, 313 are SD45-2s. That adds 12 more to your list.

Santa Fe wrecked the 5644, 5658, 5687, 5706, and 5861 while those units were working for that road. Only 85 units went to BNSF.

  by scooter3798
SSW9389, Thanks for the MRL units, I forgot all about them owning some. They are ex CSX and ATSF if I remember correctly. Something like 9 CSX and 3 ATSF.

After doing some calculating I think the active units should be as follows

Clinchfield - 16 of 18 units still active
Erie Lackawanna - 11 of 13 units still active
Seaboard Coast Line - I think that all 15 units are still around after looking through some numbers
Santa Fe - 8 converted to SD45-2B's - 5626, 5633, 5651, 5676, 5684, 5700, 5701, and 5703 - of these five are still on the BNSF roster.
- 5 wrecked by ATSF, thus leaving 77 straight 45-2's, of which 67 are still on BNSF roster.
- 5 of these units went to the Trona and then to Helm
- 3 to MRL
so this leaves 2 units unaccounted for.
Adding these up there are 80 of the original 90 units in service, not counting the 2 unaccounted for, although they could be part of the MRL roster, this I am unsure of though.

Recalculating these numbers and it should give 122 of 136. If I added something up wrong here or have something out of line let me know, or if anyone can track down the disposition of the Santa Fe units please post it, thanks again SSW9389.


  by SSW9389
MRL #312 was an ex-AT&SF SD45-2 that is no longer on that roster. I don't have a disposition for it.

Check Gene Crossett's Santa Fe Roster at http://rosters.gcrossett.com/atsf/ for more AT&SF information.
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