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  by Pneudyne
Davenport exported a few line-service locomotives in the 1950s as well as small switchers.

Thailand received two models. First, in 1952, was a metre gauge single end-cab B-B design powered by a Caterpillar D397 engine:
Thailand Davenport B-B.jpg
This was followed in 1955 by a double end-cab C-C powered by a pair of Caterpillar D397 engines:
Thailand Davenport C-C.jpg
In 1953, Rhodesian Railways acquired, as its DE1 class, a Cape-gauge end-cab hood unit that was powered by two Caterpillar D397 engines, mounted tandem fashion, which I think was rather unusual:
Rhodesian Railways Davenport C-C.jpg
These had Westinghouse electrical equipment, including 573A motors. Probably the Thailand locomotives also had Westinghouse equipment, but I am not sure I have hard evidence of this.

  by Pneudyne
Another Davenport export was this two-foot gauge end-cab unit for the Mayumbe railway in the Congo:
Mayumbe Davenport.jpg
I don’t know the build date, but probably very late 1940s or early 1950s. Originally they were fitted with Buda engines, but by 1956 they had been re-engined with the Caterpillar D375 type. This was the 8-cylinder counterpart to the 12-cylinder D397. The D375 does not seem to have been much used in railroad service, although it was the engine specified for the never-built GE U4B model.

From the drawing I’d infer that this Davenport model had conventionally-mounted traction motors, but if so, they must have been close to being two-dimensional.

  by renrut44
3046 1/1948 American Railroad of Puerto Rico 601
3050-3052 3/1948 American Railroad of Puerto Rico 605-607

Above sold 1958 to the Antofagasta (Chili) & Bolivia Railway Company Ltd. In Chile referred to as the FCAB, but still London resident, now renamed the Antofagasta Railway Co. PLC

Davernport renumbered (sequentially) to FCAB 600-603

600 was stored (wreck) until at least 2015, FCAB are currently having a housecleaning exercise, and possibly gasaxed
601 scrapped c.1981
602 current maestranza goat
603 stored in operational condition
600/602/603 full rebuild 1980