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  by hi55us
I'm going to be down in Hoboken this weekend and I found out that the old Jersey City rail terminal will be open for tours (in Liberty State Park). It will be a little bit out of my way (looks to be a hike from the Light Rail stop), has anyone gone there? Do they think it's worth it?
  by rr503
Yes! Go!
The old train shed is beautiful, and the headhouse is well maintained (or at least it was at my last visit). A lot of the old stuff from the station has been saved/reproduced, including train signs by the tracks. And the trainshed itself (the largest of its type?) is really cool to look at, however, one can not go inside. The park itself is also great, and when you're done, and if you're feeling up to it, you can watch trains on the National Docks branch, which runs just behind the TPK extension.
Also, the Liberty Science Center is nearby if you need somewhere to stash less-than-interested companions :-D
  by alewifebp
it is about one mile from the LRT stop to the terminal. The terminal was just reopened after extensive restoration work due to damage from Hurricane Sandy. I was there last weekend, but I was not able to get in the terminal, it had already closed for the day (I got there after 6).