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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New Jersey

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  by cx4storm
Bracdude181 wrote: Sun Jun 26, 2022 10:49 pm Hey CX are you still getting packets?
Yes. I received an EOT packet at 2350 / 11:50 PM
  by cx4storm
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  by Bracdude181
Can hear 4421s RS5T off in the distance at Marl Rd.
  by Bracdude181
Squankum Yellowbrook Road at 12:13 AM
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  by Bracdude181
Farmingdale at 12:18 am
  by Bracdude181
Lovely. I get to deal with bears now!

What’s next? Will the train hit a UFO on the way back? 🛸 🛸 🛸
  by Bracdude181
PR11 northbound at Collingswood Auction 12:43 AM

CSXT 4421 leading (RS5T horn)
CSXT 6242 trailing

11 cars for Browns Yard.

Thus ends my mini chase and what is probably the second to last Conrail run on this line.

I’m speculating when I say this but they may take the cars out of Red Bank.
  by Bracdude181
PR-6 is in Red Bank yard right now…
  by Bracdude181
Sounds like PR-06 is having a lot of problems. They keep backing onto the Southern Secondary and both dispatch and a Conrail foreman have been trying to get in touch with them to very little success. Coast Line Dispatch is asking their conductor to give them a call. They have CSXT 4421.

Sounds like they are trying to take the cars out of Red Bank, and it’s not going well by the sound of it…
  by Bracdude181
In addition, all trains through Red Bank are being single tracked due to whatever is happening.

South Jersey dispatch is getting involved now…
  by Bracdude181
Southern Yard Switch Lined and Locked normal 3:22 PM.
  by NJTMonmouthCoastline
PR-6 also has 6242 & the cars from WoodHaven that were picked up yesterday by PR-11.
  by NJTMonmouthCoastline
PR-6 about to get back on the Coastline at 15:51 with 18 cars for Port Reading!
  by Bracdude181
Not yet, they are still working at BANK.
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