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  by obsessed railfan
Does anyone here know the schedule for the CP/D&H intermodal trains 166 and 167? I 've been trying to get those.

  by dtravisjr
166 runs on Tue, Thur,and Sun. 167 runs Tue, Thur and Sat. I live near Binghamton and 166 usually departs in the late afternoon/early evening hours. 167 usually arrives in the early morning hours.
  by XBNSFer
OK, not finding any answers, so I'll revive this old thread since it has an appropriate "title."

CP/D&H operations included TOFC trains 261/262. From what I have been able to find, I know they ran to/from Chicago on the west end, and that they went up the original D&H main line to/through the Albany area on the east end, but what was their eastern origin/destination terminal?

I've got one shot of the 261 in my collection, and would like to be able to provide that detail...

Thanks in advance!

  by CPF363
CP's 261/262 train pair ran as far east as Ayer, Mass. in the 1993 timeframe. An intermodal yard was built in Ayer to also facilitate movements in an out of the Port of Boston that never really came into fruition. CP eventually ended all of the service a few years later.
  by XBNSFer
Thanks! I suspected Ayer/Boston area, but never saw any confirmation on any of the photos of those trains I've managed to find.