• Container or stack trains to new york city area

  • Discussion relating to the NS operations. Official web site can be found here: NSCORP.COM.
Discussion relating to the NS operations. Official web site can be found here: NSCORP.COM.
  by conductorbob
I am sorta new to the board, so if this question has been posted before sorry. First question If a stack train leaves LA to New York City area, why would the routing east of Chicago, go to NS as verses CSX? Is NS faster to New York or do they have a better sales force to get business? The question was brought up at meeting of our club and no one seemed to know the answer. Again all trains, NS or CSX are going to the same area in New York and same consonee. Second question How does NS get to New York.as it seems to leave the former NYC at Cleveland, what is the rest of the way it gets to NY? The map on the NS home doesn't show it clearly, as It seems to go thru Pittsburg and leaves the former PRR at Harrisburg to go north. Again Thanks in advance. Bob Rabie, Fathers and Sons Railroad Club
  by ExCon90
On your first question, it's a matter of who is paying the freight charges to the railroad. If it's J. B. Hunt, or a steamship line like Maersk, who has offered a through transportation package to individual shippers (very likely door-to-door, whether from California to New York or Hong Kong to New York, they'll sit down with CSX and NS (separately, of course!), as well as with BNSF and UP, and see whose offer they like best; that will almost certainly be for a year, and often longer, with an escalation clause providing for future rate increases (probably annual) in accordance with some standard measure like the Consumer Price Index, or maybe the Producer Price Index. Whatever they agree on is confidential and not subject to regulatory micromanagement, as was the case until 1980.
  by conductorbob
ExCon90, Thank you for your answer. By, did you ever work for Conrail? Just a question. thanks Bob Rabie retired, Fathers and Sons Railorad Club
  by poppyl

NS runs on the old PRR Middle Division from Pittsburgh through Altoona to Harrisburg. At that point most NY area traffic runs on the old Reading Main up to Allentown and then on the old LV Main (Lehigh Line) from Allentown over to Croxton.

  by lakeshoredave
money plays a huge factor in what railroad gets certain contracts i would assume. also on time performance would be a big time influence too i'd assume.
  by ExCon90
Yes, they're both of great significance, and it would be hard to say that one is more important than the other, particularly since the steamship lines are under pressure from their shippers (Nike, Panasonic, etc., etc., etc.) for on-time performance. On-time arrival in North Jersey is critical, because the Nikes and Panasonics are under pressure from retailers in the New York area who want the goods on the shelves.