• Commuter Rail into NJ from out of state points?

  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.

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  by rrbluesman
I've recently been reading a lot about changing population trends in NJ, and some of the articles I have read mention a shift of people moving out of NYC to destinations in PA, NJ and elsewhere for "lower cost of living", but they all seem to suggest they continue to travel to NYC via interstates. Now I'm from Philadelphia, so I don't really understand the NYC commuting trends - if so many people are commuting into NJ from extraordinary out of state locations like Allentown, PA and south Jersey, why isn't commuter rail expanding to serve them?

The other day I took this online survey https://forms.gle/6EX38xLQ6XDaRQP49 which is examining options for expansion of commuter rail, so it seems like there are plans being developed. Is it money or politics (or both) that keeps projects from advancing (like the Lackawanna cutoff)?
  by photobug56
Each possible project likely has its own obstacles, but money is likely the biggest overall problem. We're still waiting for all the projects that were supposed to happen more than 10 years ago during the recovery from the Bush Great Recession. Our esteemed White House occupant has been talking about infrastructure projects for 3 plus years now but little has happened. The process, at best, is daunting, though money is huge.

For Lackawanna Cutoff, rail authorities in NE PA support it. There has been some money to update studies on costs. But it's more in the hands of NJT then in PA, and after Chris Christie came close to destroying NJT, etc. by letting the transportation funds from gasoline taxes go dry, now NJT and other authorities need to undo years of heavy damage. And NJT, though it says it will restore the Cutoff, seems to plan to do about 1 mile every year or two. For 21 miles, maybe 30 years? Though maybe for 7 miles, mid to late 2020's? Plus that same WH occupant clearly wants to do nothing to help the Tri State region, and that makes it very hard to get money let alone approvals.

I think there is also a need for train service from the Allentown area to NYC, not just from Scranton. And there likely needs to be a north south commuter line from Scranton or Binghamton down to lines leading to Philly. But I've been waiting for much of this for decades.