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  by leftyfretguy
My father said he saw a commercial this morning for the Arcade & Attica that mentioned the steam locomotive. He said it sounded like they were running with steam again. Has 18 been put back together and tested or was my father mistaken or was the commercial run a bit too early

  by jgallaway81
Unofficial word is that all that remains is the final button-up, which is simply being delayed by the need to have everyone working other projects.

Any indication to the contrary should be double-checked with the main office at 585-492-3100

  by WNYP431
The A&A continues to remain hopeful regarding 18's status. At the minimum, she needs a paint job, another air pump, and her form-4 from Washington DC.

Ancilliary projects on a little railroad like this suffer when most of the men - all five of them - are out just trying to keep the freight moving, let alone expand or improve anything else. Every so often, the steamer gets in the picture on TV....it happens. We attempt to restrict it's advertisement as best we can, and we are trying to refrain from setting dates and making promises that seem to slip away.

Work is progressing. Stick with it.

  by jgallaway81
Thanks for the update from Arcade.

  by Mike Walsh
Is there a volunteer organization that assists the A&A with their steam program? If so, what are the details? Being a steam freak myself, I might be inclined to make a visit out there, and perhaps assist if possible :)

  by jgallaway81
Mike, at this time, the Friends of the A&A does not provide any assistance regarding railroad operations due to teh liability there of.

At some far future time where is is less likely that a person will sue, the railroad MIGHT (emphasis on MIGHT) consider the idea. Until then, I'm afraid your best bet is simply to call and ask if the steam engine is back in service.