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  by CPSK
I was on a downtown C train (running express) from 59th to 42nd st on Saturday. Just south of the 59th st station, there was a work train parked on the local track. It had some gons containing large chunks of granite. Anyone know anything about this?

  by HBLR
They are re-working that area for the 7 train extension, other than that, i have absolutely no idea what it could possibly be, also what is a "gons"...?
  by spidey3
HBLR wrote:what is a "gons"...?
gons == gondola cars
  by CPSK
I was wondering whether it had something to do with the #7 extension. That's supposed to go all the way to 11th ave, isn't it?
  by Kamen Rider
If it had anything to do with the 7, what would it been doing a mile and a half uptown...

It was probibly just chipped out roadbed.
  by HBLR
The train could have moved. I do know they plan to use the lower level of that area along 8th avenue, granite could have also fallen from this area, it's being totally demolished and the 7 line cuts through turning south to somewhere in the high 20's with yard tail tracks. Childhood friend of mine is working the power for the 3rd rail on that extension, though that is way, way off at this early stage.
  by Kamen Rider
Or It could just be maintince work on the IND. The Flushing line extension tunnels are done.