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Discussion related to BNSF operations. Official site: BNSF.COM

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  by delvalrailfan
HBRCEOL Chicago IL (BRC)-Eola IL
HBARGAL Barstow CA-Galesburg IL
HBRCGAL Chicago IL (BRC)-Galesburg IL
HBRCNTW Chicago IL (BRC)-Northtown MN
HCHCGAL Cicero IL-Galesburg IL
HCHIGAL Willow Springs IL-Galesburg IL
HCNIGAL Eola IL (CN)-Galesburg IL
HDENGAL Denver CO-Galesburg IL
HDILKCK Dilworth MN-Kansas City KS
HDMOWQM Des Moines IA-West Quincy MO
HDYTGAL Dayton TX-Galesburg IL
HGALBRC Galesburg IL-Chicago IL (BRC)
HGALCHC Galesburg IL-Cicero IL
HGALCHI Galesburg IL-Willow Springs IL
HGALCNI Galesburg IL-Eola IL (CN)
HGALDYT Galesburg IL-Dayton TX
HGALGAL Galesburg IL-Galesburg IL Turns at Barstow
HGALGFD Galesburg IL-Grand Forks ND
HGALHOU Galesburg IL-Houston TX
HGALIHB Galesburg IL-Blue Island IL (IHB)
HGALLIN Galesburg IL-Lincoln NE
HGALMAD Galesburg IL-Madison IL (TRRA)
HGALMEM Galesburg IL-Memphis TN
HGALNSI Galesburg IL-Bellevue OH (NS) NS 10R
HGALNTW Galesburg IL-Northtown MN
HGALPAS Galesburg IL-Pasco WA
HGALSUP Galesburg IL-Superior WI
HGALTUL Galesburg IL-Tulsa OK
HGFDBRC Grand Forks ND-Chicago IL (BRC)
HHOUGAL Houston TX-Galesburg IL
HIHBGAL Blue Island IL (IHB)-Galesburg IL
HKCKGAL Kansas City KS-Galesburg IL
HLINGAL Lincoln NE-Galesburg IL
HNSIGAL Elkhart IN (NS)-Galesburg IL NS 31K
HNSINTW Elkhart IN (NS)-Northtown MN NS 33G
HNTWBRC Northtown MN-Chicago IL (BRC)
HNTWGAL Northtown MN-Galesburg IL
HNTWMAD Northtown MN-Madison IL (TRRA)
HNTWKCK Northtown MN-Kansas City KS
HNTWTUL Northtown MN-Tulsa OK
HPASGAL Pasco WA-Galesburg IL
HPEIGAL Peoria IL-Galesburg IL
HTULGAL Tulsa OK-Galesburg IL
HWQMDMO West Quincy MO-Des Moines IA

QALTCHI Alliance TX-Corwith IL
QCHCFXE Cicero IL-El Paso TX (FXE)
QCHCPTL Cicero IL-Portland OR
QCHCSSE Cicero IL-South Seattle WA
QCHCSTP Cicero IL-St. Paul MN
QCHIALT Corwith IL-Alliance TX
QCHILAC Corwith IL-Los Angeles CA
QCHIPEA Corwith IL-Pearland TX
QCHISBD Corwith IL-San Bernardino CA
QCHISTO Corwith IL-Stockton CA
QCXBLAC Bedford Park IL (CSX)-Los Angeles CA
QCXOLAC North Baltimore OH (CSX)-Los Angeles CA CSX Q171
QFTMCHI Fort Madison IA-Corwith IL
QFTMCOL Fort Madison IA-Columbus OH (NS) NS 26N
QFTMNSA Fort Madison IA-Chicago IL (Ashland/NS) NS 26N
QFXECHC El Paso TX (FXE)-Cicero IL
QLACCHI Los Angeles CA-Corwith IL
QLACCXB Los Angeles CA-Bedford Park IL (CSX)
QLACCXO Los Angeles CA-North Baltimore OH (CSX) CSX Q170
QLACNSA Los Angeles CA-Chicago IL (Ashland/NS)
QNYCLAC Croxton NJ (NS)-Los Angeles CA Tue-Sun NS 21G
QPEACHI Pearland TX-Corwith IL
QPHXCHI Phoenix AZ-Corwith IL
QPTLCHC Portland OR-Cicero IL
QSBDCHI San Bernardino CA-Corwith IL
QSSECHC South Seattle WA-Cicero IL
QSTOCHI Stockton CA-Corwith IL
QSTPCHC St. Paul MN-Corwith IL
SCHCSEA Cicero IL-Seattle WA
SCHCTAC Cicero IL-Tacoma WA
SCHILAC Corwith IL-Los Angeles CA
SLACLPC Los Angeles CA-Chicago IL (Logistics Park)
SLBALPC Long Beach CA-Chicago IL (Logistics Park) As Needed
SLBLLPC Long Beach CA-Chicago IL (Logistics Park)
SLBPLPC Long Beach CA-Chicago IL (Logistics Park)
SLBTCXO Long Beach CA-North Baltimore OH (CSX)
SLBTLPC Long Beach CA-Chicago IL (Logistics Park)
SLHACXO Long Beach CA-North Baltimore OH (CSX)
SLHALPC Long Beach CA-Chicago IL (Logistics Park)
SLHGLPC Long Beach CA-Chicago IL (Logistics Park)
SLHTLDR Long Beach CA-Chicago IL (Landers/NS)
SLHTLPC Long Beach CA-Chicago IL (Logistics Park)
SLHWLPC Long Beach CA-Chicago IL (Logistics Park)
SLPCLBE Chicago IL (Logistics Park)-Long Beach CA
SLPCLBJ Chicago IL (Logistics Park)-Long Beach CA
SLPCLBL Chicago IL (Logistics Park)-Long Beach CA
SLPCLBT Chicago IL (Logistics Park)-Long Beach CA
SLPCLHT Chicago IL (Logistics Park)-Long Beach CA
SLPCLHW Chicago IL (Logistics Park)-Long Beach CA
SLPCOIG Chicago IL (Logistics Park)-Oakland CA
SLPCSCO Chicago IL (Logistics Park)-Long Beach CA
SLPCSEA Chicago IL (Logistics Park)-Seattle WA
SLPCSEP Chicago IL (Logistics Park)-Seattle WA
SLPCTAC Chicago IL (Logistics Park)-Tacoma WA
SSEACHC Seattle WA-Cicero IL
SSEALPC Seattle WA-Chicago IL (Logistics Park)
SSEPLPC Seattle WA-Chicago IL (Logistics Park)
STACCHC Tacoma WA-Cicero IL
STACLPC Tacoma WA-Chicago IL (Logistics Park)
STCBCHC Tacoma WA (Blair)-Cicero IL
STCBLPC Tacoma WA (Blair)-Chicago IL (Logistics Park)
STCELPC Tacoma WA-Chicago IL (Logistics Park)
STCPLPC Tacoma WA-Chicago IL (Logistics Park)
ZABQWSP Albuquerque NM-Willow Springs IL
ZALTWSP Alliance TX-Willow Springs IL
ZCHCPTL Cicero IL-Portland OR
ZCHCSSE Cicero IL-South Seattle WA
ZCHIDEN Corwith IL-Denver CO
ZCHISBD Corwith IL-San Bernardino CA
ZDENCHI Denver CO-Corwith IL
ZLACCHI Los Angeles CA-Corwith IL
ZLACNYC Los Angeles CA-Croxton NJ (NS) NS 20W
ZLACWSP Los Angeles CA-Willow Springs IL
ZLPKWSP Edgerton KS (Logistics Park)-Willow Springs IL
ZNBYWSP San Pablo CA (UPS North Bay)-Willow Springs IL
ZNYCLAC Croxton NJ (NS)-Los Angeles CA NS 21G
ZPHXWSP Phoenix AZ-Willow Springs IL
ZPTLCHC Portland OR-Cicero IL
ZSBDCHI San Bernardino CA-Corwith IL
ZSBDWSP San Bernardino CA-Willow Springs IL
ZSSECHC South Seattle WA-Cicero IL
ZSTOWSP Stockton CA-Willow Springs IL
ZWSPALT Willow Springs IL-Alliance TX
ZWSPLAC Willow Springs IL-Los Angeles CA
ZWSPLPK Willow Springs IL-Edgerton KS (Logistics Park)
ZWSPNBY Willow Springs IL-San Pablo CA (UPS North Bay)
ZWSPPHX Willow Springs IL-Phoenix AZ
ZWSPSBD Willow Springs IL-San Bernardino CA
ZWSPSTO Willow Springs IL-Stockton CA

VALTBLU Alliance TX-Blue Island IL (IHB)
VBLUCLO Blue Island IL (IHB)-Clovis NM
VBLUKCK Blue Island IL (IHB)-Kansas City KS
VBLUMIN Blue Island IL (IHB)-Minot ND
VBLUPEA Blue Island IL (IHB)-Pearland TX
VCHCDBU Cicero IL-Dayton's Bluff MN
VKCKLPC Kansas City KS-Chicago IL (Logistics Park)
VNTWCPH Northtown MN-Bensenville IL (CP)
VNTWKCM Northtown MN-Kansas City MO
VNTWNSC Northtown MN-Chicago IL (NS)
VPTLLPC Portland OR-Chicago IL (Logistics Park)
VSTPCHC St. Paul MN-Cicero IL
VSTPLPC St. Paul MN-Chicago IL (Logistics Park)
VTACLPC Tacoma WA-Chicago IL (Logistics Park)
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  by Rockingham Racer
Did they drop the Z-ROBCHI7?
  by delvalrailfan
Rockingham Racer wrote:Did they drop the Z-ROBCHI7?
Not sure. I'm just going off of the info that I have on railroadfanwiki and trainorders
  by delvalrailfan
HGALBAR Galesburg IL-Barstow CA
HMADGAL Madison IL (TRRA)-Galesburg IL
  by delvalrailfan
HNTWLAW Northtown MN-La Crosse WI

VLPCDIL Chicago IL (Logistics Park)-Dilworth MN
  by Engineer Spike
What happened to the M symbols?
  by Rockingham Racer
Engineer Spike wrote:What happened to the M symbols?
Most of them went bye-bye a few years ago. I have seen reference to an M-NEWNEW, but don't have a clue what it does; probably a local of some sort.
  by commissioner
sorry for reserructing an old thread but does BNSF still go to Bedford Park on the CSX? I know they used to. TIA
  by WesternNation
I thought all WSP trains originated and terminated at Corwith because WSP is so small?