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  by SCB2525

This map from 1895 shows a branch off the Chestnut Hill Branch approximately north of Queen Lane, due west to Manayunk (can't tell if there's a connection to the Schuylkill Branch), then North by Northwest to the Trenton Cutoff around where the quarry is in Plymouth Meeting.

Does anyone have ANY information on this? I've never seen anything at all about such a branch .
  by amtrakhogger
It was the Plymouth and Whitemarsh Branch of the PRR. The route was electrified and saw some passenger detours whenever there was a wreck on the NY-PHL mainline.
  by westernfalls
amtrakhogger wrote:It was the Plymouth and Whitemarsh Branch of the PRR....
That one is shown too and it was real, but the never-completed line in question is the one that was to diverge at Chelten Avenue station and run through Roxborough.
  by choess
Indeed. This was the proposed Roxborough Railroad, chartered in 1891; the PRR initially took an interest in it, but ultimately decided that purchasing the right-of-way would be too expensive and dropped the plan.