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  by illinois
I apologize if this is a dumb question, but can someone tell me the different types of doorway protection when hulling pulp and paper products? Thanks for your help!
  by bystander
don't hjit door with fokrtruck when loading the car. Commonscents-
  by Desertdweller
When we were hauling wood chips on the DM&E, they were carried in shipper-owned 40' box cars. The inside of the door openings were covered with "grain doors". A grain door is a wide sheet of heavy corrugated cardboard, backed on the inside by several 1x6" planks running longways in the door opening.

The original purpose of grain doors was to seal boxcars for loading loose grain.

  by illinois
Thanks for your help. I saw similar pictures to the heavy corrugated cardboard being used.
  by Cowford
For paper, it's a combination of polyester web strapping, steel banding, air bags and sometimes cardboard dunnage/blocking on the floor to keep rolls from shifting. Grain doors would not be used in P&P applications - the goal is for the blocking and bracing to prevent load shift - especially against a door.

Google Image "boxcar paper load" and several pics will pop up with examples.