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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New England

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  by MaineCoonCat
Well, looking at the Operating Report for Aug 2020, I do not see any mention of 2027 as an asset or any expenditure for it's storage. I do see an expenditure for a bus registration. I checked October, in case it would be paid quarterly but found nothing for 2027's storage nor any mention of it. Hmmmmm..
Operating Report Aug-20 11616203811.pdf
Operating Report Oct-20 11616234859.pdf
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  by MaineCoonCat
BandA wrote: Wed Sep 13, 2023 3:16 pm Almost 120 days left to reinstate the business registration...
As it's been many months without them addressing the expired website certificate, I would counsel against holding one's breath.
  by MaineCoonCat
So what will happen with 2027 if the storage fees aren't paid? How would that be handled?
  by Dogbert666
i suspect P&W will want to have a lawyer button this up, but if someone leave something on someone else's property... it becomes property of said property owner.

I don't know all the specifics offhand, but over in NJ, when the IRS seized NY&GL's property and resold it to a real estate developer, the developer became the legal owner of all the trains, buildings, rails and junk on the property. Having no interest in it, he donated the trains to Operation Toy Train, who in turn has re-homed nearly every car.

This may play out similarly, where P&W eventually owns the 2027 and in turn sells it. Given its non-secure location, I wouldn't be surprised if it's already lost a fair bit of copper. Anything can happen but I doubt it will ever run again.
  by GP40MC1118
There's a posting on Facebook today that the 2027 has been acquired by the Cape Cod Central and will eventually be their 2015 (its original number).
  by Cosmo
Oh, that is GOOD news! I'm sure they will treat it with the same excellent care and respect they give her sisters.
They'll have a nice little family of FL9's running on their home rails! :wink: :-D
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  by MaineCoonCat
Hope they rescued it in time..
  by Dogbert666
This is indeed great news. Cape Cod RR already has experience with these locomotives, and has a set in running condition - which is an excellent basis for comparison for mechanically debugging the 2027(2015).

If for whatever reason it can't be fixed up, it'll at least be a great parts source for the others. Even that is a far better fate than what I suspected was going to happen. From the sounds of it though, they intend to get it up and running.
  by MaineCoonCat
Thank you for posting that, Dogbert666.
  by markhb
Do any of you think there's a chance this thing could have worked out, if the P&W had stayed independent? Obviously it was dead when the G&W showed up, but small independent roads have been known to try innovative things (witness the old St. Lawrence & Atlantic and the Sunday River ski train in the 90's).
  by MaineCoonCat
Were it viable, I'd think Peter Pan'd pick up the route.
  by RandallW
Both Peter Pan and MegaBus operate direct busses on that route (unless MegaBus is reselling tickets on Peter Pan), but only Fri-Sun or Fri-Mon depending on the site you search for bus tickets on.
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