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  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New England
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New England

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  by mrj1981
Would someone please provide an update on this line? I’m assuming the update is that there is no update.... but one never knows.

Thanks in advance!
  by craven
Stopped by last week...1701 still sitting by the Medfield Waste Treatment Plant looking for work..I need to stop by Island Road to see if the unloading area is plowed out....The Framingham Secondary has had welded rail installed this past year and replaced stick rail is piled high at the stgging area on West Mill St.... Hopefully the cement tanker cars are due soon.
  by MaineCoonCat
craven wrote: Sun Feb 14, 2021 8:02 am Hopefully the cement tanker cars are due soon.
Is Tresca going to be receiving via rail from Thomaston (Dragon) there again?
  by craven
Cement deliveries were rumered late last year when the tresle was rebuilt along with a possible transformer move.

Checked the off-loading area at Island Rd. The road is plowed but the area next to the tracks is still sow covered.
  by craven
That's SNOW covered
  by Cosmo
To be accurate, those kinda pigs have been FLYING this year! XD
  by MaineCoonCat
Someone needs to tell 'em that 1073 Main St, Millis, MA -isn't- between Grafton and Upton at a Solar Farm.


https://www.baycolonyrailroad.com/prope ... -ma-02054/
  by MaineCoonCat
WHOA!!! They now appear to have a Facebook Page! How "official" this is, is anyone's guess.. I'd question it.

Click either blue link to go to the page. Image does not link to page.

  by MaineCoonCat
One way to find out, I guess..

Don't touch that dial!

  by craven
Stopped by to see the 1701 today. She's still looking for work ! If Tresca is going to use this line for Cement deliveries, something should be arriving soon.

Roger..Over and Out!
  by MaineCoonCat
If that Facebook page is "official ", then there's not much happening, there..

  by GP40MC1118
Unfortunately, it appears there will be no Tresca business in the foreseeable future. The transformer move - who knows!
  by MaineCoonCat
Just thinking.. This ad is on their Facebook Page. Are they considering using the line for railcar storage?

I bet that'd thrill the local citizenry to no end..


↓↓↓ Link to ad ↓↓↓

  by jjoyce1
They used my pic without permission and yes, that's my thought, using the Millis branch for car storage. Unless there's a breakdown with Dragon's barge there's no economic reason to rail portland cement from Thomaston to Millis. Maybe fly ash will move this year, that material is more of a moving target depending on where it's being produced, its quality, and demand/supply balance in the area.

  by craven
Fly Ash is being distributed by the Grafton & Upton out of their Hopedale Yard, Couple of years ago they had two silos installed and have rail service supporting this operation.
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