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  by Tadman
Did the B&O run any WAS-NY or PHL-NY passenger trains post-war? Or was the Reading Crusader (through B&O's holdings in CNJ/RDG) the extent of that service?

The RDG Crusader has always been an interesting operation to me.
  by ExCon90
I don't have a schedule handy, but I know they ran the Royal Blue after the war, I believe right up until they stopped running east of Phila. in 1958. It left Jersey City in the morning and returned from Washington around 5, balancing the western trains which mostly left JC in the afternoon and Washington in the morning. Since it was the B&O I know it was a quality train right until the last. I don't think the B&O ever ran trains only between JC and Phila., as their railroad ended at Phila. I'm sure there was also an overnight JC to Washington and return, and I'm fairly sure it ran after the war, but it might not have made it to 1958. At one time there was a through sleeper from the CNJ station in Newark to Washington; it left Newark on the last local of the night to Jersey City (up until they lost the bridge from Newark to JC) and was switched into the Washington train in JC.
  by mmi16
My recollection of post war to April 1958 was that the B&O ran separate connecting legs of the National Limited (trains 1 & 2) through to New York as well as a connecting leg of the Capitol Limited (trains 5 & 6) I believe they also operated one of the mail trains through to New York, I can recall if it was the St.Louis or Chicago connection. In addition to the Royal Blue (trains 27 & 28) I think there were one or two numbered coach runs between New York and Washington.

This is all based on memory - and as we age, our memory becomes more flawed.
  by R,N, Nelson
In the end, which was April 26, 1958, the B&O trains between Washington and Jersey City, which were not connections, but through trains between Jersey City and Chicago, Jersey City and St. Louis and Jersey City and Washington, were: Trains 1/2, The National Limited; Trains 3/4, The Diplomat; Trains 5/6, The Capitol Limited; Trains 7/8, The Shenandoah; Trains 11/12; The Metropolitan Special; Trains 27/28 The Royal Blue and Mail and Express Trains 29/32.

Earlier, In October 1956, Trains 523/504, The Marylander, were discontinued. With the exception of The Royal Blue and the Marylander, which operated only between Jersey City and Washington, the trains had a considerable consist change in Washington, when operating both eastbound and westbound, but had through sleepers between Jersey City and the west
  by JimBoylan
At the end in April, 1958, there was also the Daylight Speedliner 3 car RDC train between Pittsburgh and Philadelphia.